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Resolved! Package data register wrong code

Hello,I am using a STM32G491 in LQFP48 package. In the RM0440 rev8 page 2122 the package code for LQFP48 is 01011. But I read 01001 which would be LQFP32. The device id 0x479 is correct. Is there a reason for this? Thanks.

Resolved! Pullup does not work when setting up for timer input capture

I have timer 3, that i want to set up for input capture. But when enabling the alternate function. The pullup is not working. Also an external pullup of 10K does not work. GPIO setup:    // TIM 3 Inputs (Pedal rot - PB5 / Torc PWM - PB1) my_GPIO_Ini...

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STM32G473VE: FDCAN register callback question

We are using the STM32F429 in an ongoing project.The CAN bus is used for the communication. In a new project we change to the STM32G473VE.The STM32G43VE is equiped with an FD CAN.The low level interface is slightly different between CAN on the STM32F...

Wrong timer section identifier in manual (G431RBT6)

I think there are some wron identifiers?After reading the manual and seeing the tables i think it must be "tim_ti2_in0", "tim_ti3_in0" and "tim_ti4_in0" on page 1223? Also in the table on page 1081, there is a "tim_ti2_in[15:1]" that should be "tim_t...

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Resolved! STM32G431 tim_ker_ck, tim_pclk source

I'm looking into calculating the timings for the brk filters for the TIM1 periphery. Mentioned there is the "tim_ker_ck" and the "tim_pclk" respectively.I cannot seem to find any information on where these come from.The clock tree in the RM says that...

DMeie.2 by Senior
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