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PDR_ON pin burns out

Hello. I've custom board with STM32H743VIH6(BGA100) and also I've a problem with PDR_ON(F7) pin. My device should periodically wake up from STOP mode but after some time PDR_ON pin burns out and microcontroller stops working normally (for example: I ...

ANosn.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! How to wake-up on time in time with RTC ?

Hi eveyone,I have a problem with RTC wake up. I use LSE 32.768kHz.I run example from manufacturer to wake up MCU from Stand by mode very 1min, 2mins. Everything work okay.But, When I put delay 10s and HAL_PWR_EnterSTANDBYMode(); into while(1). Everyt...

Resolved! STM32F429I-DISC1 debug issue

Hi.I was in the middle of a debug session in a simple application for the STM32F429I-DISC1 in Keil uVision. I disconnected my board from the computer without ending the debugging session. When I reconnected my board, it wasn't detected anymore and it...

STM32H755, is the clock too slow?

Hello everyone, I'm working on an STM32H755BI (industrial temperature range), and i'm quite disappointed by the maximum clock reachable from the system.As can be seen, the MCU can reach up to 480MHz in the core M7 and 240MHz in the core M4.After mont...

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halbeeee by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U5A Wake-UP from stop mode 3

Hello all, I am using the STM32U5A5QJ in a project and I had a question about some of the wake-up modes. I would like the microcontroller to be in stop mode 3 most of the time until it receives an interrupt from a sensor to return to normal mode. The...

Resolved! Creating software based retriggerable one pulse timer

Hi, I want to create a timer with retriggerable pulse of specified length. Now I know timer can do it, but there is an issue with one pulse retriggerable mode that needs to be from outside trigger otherwise it dont work. My application is specific an...

HZaib.1 by Associate III
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STM32U599 PA11 as input

Hey, I have a U599 and would like to use the PA11 pin as an input with a pull-up. I've set the CR1_FORCE_USBPWR, USBPWREN, and VDD11USBDIS bits. However, the pull-up voltage only reaches 1.21V in this configuration. The pin works fine as an output.  ...

AGeis.4 by Associate III
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