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STM32L4 wakes up instantly from low-power sleep

Hi all,I want to measure the power consumption on my board which has a STM32L431CC. Other than the µC, there is nothing left on the board excepted for an RC filter on the NRST pin, I removed the RTC quartz.Inspired by the example code i found, i wrot...

Steven.D by Associate II
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Using timer to wake from sleep

Im attempting to put the cpu to sleep between ticks of timer 15 on a stm32L432, The LED flashs without the Sleep code however it never wakes up from the timer interuptvoid HAL_TIM_PeriodElapsedCallback(TIM_HandleTypeDef * htim) { HAL_ResumeTick(); if...

PGood.1 by Associate II
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Problems with RTC - wakeup from STOP-Mode

Hi,i am using a STM32L010K8 MCU and i want to wake up from stop mode when a RTC-Wakeup interrupt occours. Here in this example i set the RTC wakeup interrupt for 30 seconds. Without entering the sleep mode the RTC IRQ works fine. But if the MCU enter...

ledi001 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H743: Backup RAM not saved

I'm trying to use the 4K backup RAM on the STM32H743. The RTC is working and keeps time so I know the battery system is OK. I can read and write to the backup RAM OK but it loses all data on power off.I've enabled access as follows:HAL_PWREx_EnableBk...

PMath.4 by Senior III
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