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Triggering the DAC DMA with HRTIM

Hello,I am trying to trigger the DAC1 DMA off of the HRTIM Master channel using the hrtim_dac_trg signals on an STM32G474, but I am not getting any output on my DAC pin. The timer does seem to be running (I can see MCNTR incrementing in the debugger)...

0693W000003BQESQA4.png 0693W000003BPvpQAG.png
SMile.1 by Associate
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STM32U5 PDMtoPCM filter not working

Hello everyone,I am currently attempting to convert PDM data (from a MEMS CMM-4030DT-26354) to PCM data using the libPDMFilter_CM7_IAR_wc32 provided by STM32Cube. However, the results I am obtaining are not as expected. I am expecting a 1000 Hz sine ...

eduarm by Associate
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Start DAC and ADC at the same time

Hello,I am using a NUCLEO-H743ZI2 and program on the STM32CubeIDE1.13.2The purpose of my project is to create a 2kHz sine and to sample it at 40kHz at the same time.I would like to have no delay between the 12bits DAC and the 12bits ADC: that the fir...

sinus_raw_1s_trigger_correct-spect.png sinus_raw_3s_trigger-phaseMax.png sinus_3s_tempo_delay.png ramp3s_whole.png
Kévin by Associate II
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STM32H7 TIM12 TRGO DAC DMA syncronization

Hello,I am trying to generate a pulse-triggered waveform continuously by using DAC and DMA in STM32H735RGV6. To do this, I have opened DAC OUT1 with the following configuration.After that, I set up the TIM12 with the following configuration and expec...


4 DACs, 4 audio rate sawtooth waves with SMT32G4

Hello,I am looking to develop with the STM32 microcontrollers for the first time and was hoping to get some help. I need to create a device capable of outputting 3 separate sawtooth waves that are individually controllable to synthesize audio based o...

Resolved! ADC sampling rate checked by callback

Hello,I am using a NUCLEO-H743ZI2.I read the reference manual RM0433 Rev8.I also read a bunch of topics in the forum but didn't find what I wanted. I am trying to check my ADC sampling rate by looking at the timestamp at my half full/full callback fr...

ADCclock.png formulaFadc.png ADCconfig.png ADCdoc.png
Kévin by Associate II
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