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ST employees accepting posts as the solutions am seeing many cases where ST employees are accepting the solutions, even when the bug, documentation or other...

Piranha by Chief
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Missing labels

When looking at a subforum, on the right side there are many labels available. For example, for the "Embedded software (MCUs)", the list starts with a label "ADC". But, when creating or editing a topic, there are just 9 labels available starting with...

Piranha by Chief
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Change my account email address

In the past I know that it was not possible to change the email address of an ST account.I use a personal address to be independent of my changes of employers.But now ST requires a commercial email address to participate in webinars.In the same way y...

Having "fun" with Khoros editor failures

The "member callout bubble" remained stuck even after having made the post i.e. editor pane closed. It overlaps the post and scrolls together with it.Oh yes, reload "fixes" it, but ain't it a hillarious fail?JW

waclawekjan_0-1694163407067.png waclawekjan_1-1694163436716.png website

This is my complaint about the website. This site is a usability nightmare.It is completely spammend with trackers and analytics, loading tons javascript from almost everywhere, it became practically unusable.e.g.: I needed almost 30 minutes t...

CBerg by Associate III
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