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MCSDK documentation and your feedback

Motor Control Wiki: STM32 Motor Control Knowledge Database - stm32mcuMC Frequently asked questions (FAQ):Frequently asked questions (FAQ) - stm32mcuDocumentation embedded in the MCSDK:The MCSDK documentation ( MCP & ASPEP, Api..etc..) is provided in ...

Zied b. by ST Employee
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Dear All,I am using the X-CUBE-SPN5 with the EWARM toolchain (F302R8 with IHM05A1) to control a stepper motor. For now, I can move the motor to a specific angle.Now, I would like to transmit the target angle by Python. I have a USB to TTL Serial Cabl...

user-stm by Associate II
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EVAL6480H Speed Issues

Hello Everyone,I'm having issues with the EVAL6480H making a bipolar stepper motor spin faster than 800steps/s without losing steps or triggering the OCD. The current motor driver we use handles 1500steps/s at the same voltage and current specs with ...

aoswalt by Associate
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If Motor Profiler will open source?

I often use Motor Profiler to identify motors.But it is not good.Sometimes my motor cannot be recognized when using 48V and I have to reduce the supply voltage to 36V.Here I would like to ask whether it will be open sourced. I want to understand the ...

gtop.1 by Associate II
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Hi i have problems with the UART Motor Control Protocol with the new Motor Control Workbench 6.1.0 (Jan 2023). I a reading the status of my Motor with the MCP Protocol.

With the new generated Code i receive a lot of errors like 0F 04 04 C0 0F 04 04 C0. TO control my SPIN3201 Board with the Motor Pilot works fine. By trying to send the same Data as the Gui (Voltage, Speed, Power....690100B0110019005900591B9900D105910...

THöfl.1 by Associate II
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ST Board Selection

Hello,I am an electrical engineering student working on a design for a product. We would like to use an ST motor control board in our design which would be a 3-phase inverter to run an AC induction motor at variable speeds. The motor we have requires...

rhaskins by Associate
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Brushless motor driver

Hello, I have an important questionAnd my question is thisLet's start with the one I marked in red 4 circles around the solid capacitorsAnd there are two other markings below which there is a red line and I wrote next to the Signal lineAnd by and lar...