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Resolved! product recommendation for patient monitor

Hi, I am seeking product recommendations from you for developing our project using an NXP board. We require a simple and cost-efficient board suitable for a medical patient monitor. Key considerations include interfacing with a 12-lead ECG module (SP...

Resolved! NUCLEO-U5xx: USB VCP UART for U575 and U5A5 - for you

My project to have USB VCP UART working on NUCLEO-U575 as well as NUCLEO-U5A5 boards (via a compile macro).Use the USB-C USR USB connection as a USB based UART (COM port on host): any baud rate as supported by USB speed (FS vs. HS). There is a second...

tjaekel by Senior
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Resolved! MCU at 1V8 - a need for UART level shifters?

I saw on NUCLEO-U5A5 schematics - there is a level shifter for signal T_VCP_TX:a bit obvious: if MCU jumper is set to run on 1V8 VDD - an external UART receiver (e.g. CP2102N) would not get anymore correct UART_TX signals (yes, it does not anymore wi...

tjaekel by Senior
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Resolved! STM32H7A3 LPUART and BDMA

I'm trying to get the LPUART working with BDMA on a STM32H7A3 MCU.  Eventually I'd like to set it up so the MCU goes into a low power state and wakes up when it receives a LF character match in the incoming message, but for now I'm just trying to get...

magene by Senior II
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STM32U5 wakeup from stop mode with LPUART

Hello.I'm trying to wakeup the STM32U5 controller (U575ZI Nucleo board) when a byte is received using the LPUART.I'm using the LSE clock for the LPUART. Without entering the stop mode, the LPUART interrupt is triggered whenever a byte is received. Th...

andreas23 by Associate II
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Hey folks, I am using UART RX in DMA mode using 512 byte buffer. My code sippest working fine. I have one question.Q. Suppose you have recevied 12 bytes but you have set 512 length so, rxCmplt() callback will not called. Right? But I wanted to stop U...