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How to properly intiate boot sequance of stm32mp1?

I am upgrading from ecosystem 4.1 to 4.0. after changing every thing properly in the device tree. and now i successfully compiled the image partitions using bitbake how ever when i boot using the flashed images every thing works correctly utill i rec...

iheb by Associate II
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STM32MP135 - Baremetal - Ethernet2

Hello, I would like to integrate ethernet2 in my bare-metal project. I am aware that not only eth2 pins have to be properly configured, but also a 10th pin of MCP IO expander. However, the eth2 seems to be disabled after all. I am doing the same conf...

error at PMIC I2C

We have set PB7 and PE15 for  I2c4 communication for PMIC in op-tee stm32mp135f-dk.dts.but we keep getting pmic error like this -I/TC: Embedded DTB foundI/TC: OP-TEE version: Unknown_3.19 (gcc version 12.2.0 (GCC)) #23 Mon Jan 8 10:50:26 UTC 2024 arm...

manishee by Associate
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RTC Clock Source Selecton Issue - STM32MP135F

Hi,I'm having an issue with RTC module. getting an error due to no clock source is connected to rtc_ck:[ 3.645423] stm32_rtc 5c004000.rtc: rtc_ck is slow[ 3.749902] stm32_rtc 5c004000.rtc: Can't enter in init mode. Prescaler config failed.[ 3.756489]...