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STM32MP157D-DK1 missing RAM

Hello, I'm currently working with a STM32MP157D-DK1 Development Board with 4GB DDR3L. I populated the board with a prebuild openstlinux 6.1 build like discribed in a guide in the ST wiki.When checking the total memory i unfortunatly only get 407MB th...

MHerz.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32MP15 ECO 5.0.0 BL2 stuck at loading BL32

Custom STM32MP157AAA3 board with 512MB DDR.[Note: the NOTICE: DEBUG messages in below logs were added to the source code of TF-A]The TF-A DT was compiled with option for SYSRAM with resulting dtb fw-configOP-TEE was compiled for SYSRAM and and enable...

debugging_0-1694663508331.png debugging_0-1694619876455.png debugging_1-1694619940511.png debugging_4-1694621468535.png

STM32MP157 Slave ADC can not get correct value.

Dear all,I have a question about ADC.When i used adc in dual regular simultaneous mode, master adc can get correct value, but slave adc can not.Does anyone have some idea?These are my ADC 1 and 2 configuration.In my understanding adcData_DMA = ADC_CD...

Ken_102633_2-1693187253128.png Ken_102633_1-1693186962285.png Ken_102633_0-1693186930718.png

OP-TEE error on new v5.0.0 SDK

Hi, i get this error when uboot starts on custom MP153D board: E/TC:0 tzc_it_handler:79 TZC permission failureE/TC:0 dump_fail_filter:420 Permission violation on filter 0E/TC:0 dump_fail_filter:425 Violation @0xdff09000, non-secure privileged write, ...

GCici by Associate II
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