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Resolved! Read 96 bit UDID through serial bootloader or SWD

Hello,I am working on the STM32F103xx. I need to read out the 96 bit UDID (unique device ID) of the devices during production. Is there any way of reading this out from the serial bootloader on UART1 or through the SWD interface? I searched the AN315...

machinist by Associate III
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STM32G431 Keil 5.36 Erase sectors fail

HiI use STM32G431R6T6 (32k Flash) with build in Bootloader.Boootloader use address 0x0800'0000 - 0x0800'1FFFApplication us address: 0x0800'2000 - 0x0800'7FFFIn the bootloader I can select Erase sectors (System delete only sectors which are used) So t...

franz2 by Associate III
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Is the bootloader host code available in some form?

I am working on a project where several STM32L0xx processors will be running under a Raspberry Pi 4+ system. The desire is to be able to use the SystemBootloader on these to be able to do firmware updates. I know that the documentation from ST is eno...

DavePfz by Associate II
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Resolved! Problem Using Jump_To_Application() in IAP Bootloader

Hello ST community!I'm using a stm32F417VGT6 to perform an IAP in Keil the bootloader, using the binary file on a SD card, I read executed binary program and write it on flash memory. then i use Jump_To_Application() to start the new app. Ever...

Seyed by Associate III
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Atollic White paper on Bootloaders

Hello!Previously there was a nice write-up on custom Bootloader+App setup on Atollic website:​​Now this link redirects to ST website, but document is absent ...

Resolved! STM32 ICs not getting programmed via DFUSE

Hi, we are using STM32H743VIT6 IC for past 3 to 4 years. but from January, none of the newly bought IC is getting programmed via DFUSE. the IC gets connected, erase cycle starts reaches upto 49% and then nothing happens. only the timer is incremented...

dv.13 by Associate II
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