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M7 with 4xRAM ICs over FMC

Hi,We have a question about a system design we would like to implement for our product.We are working with the STMF32F723 MCU and are developing our own HW. We need 216MByte of RAM for our application and would like to implement it with the functiona...

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CObri.1 by Associate II
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Concurrent DMA controlled SPIs failing (STM32H7)

All,I'm finding that concurrent DMA driven SPI transfers are failing.its STM32H743, Latest HAL, latest Cube and followed all rules with cache configuration etc etc.I’m running this in different FreeRTOS threaads and if I put a mutex around the HAL DM...

MS.9 by Associate III
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STM32H7 Timer Triggered SPI Transfer no interrupts

I am trying to create a repeating trigger to start an SPI transfer to read 12 x 16 bit values from an external ADC.I have configured the SPI with a Rx DMA to receive the data and have created a timer to trigger a second DMA to write to the SPI->CR1 r...

NBrick67 by Associate II
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STM32G431KB DAC DMA not working

Trying to get a basic sample DAC1 with DMA, triggered by TIM2 working. This should be trivial, works fine on SMT32F3. I'm using a Nucleo-32 SMT32G431.Using Cube IDE. The only non IDE-generated code in main is: /* USER CODE BEGIN 2 */   static uint...

PBieg.1 by Associate II
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STM32MP157F-DK2 Dual ADC with DMA

Dear all,I'm currently using the STM32MP157F-DK2 series, and I'm trying to use the ADC1 and ADC2 in dual regular simultaneous mode triggered by TIM2 out event. Also, I used one DMA stream (DMA2_stream0) to read the ADC values of the Common Data Regis...

jutoroa by Associate II
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