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STM32U5 PDMtoPCM filter not working

Hello everyone,I am currently attempting to convert PDM data (from a MEMS CMM-4030DT-26354) to PCM data using the libPDMFilter_CM7_IAR_wc32 provided by STM32Cube. However, the results I am obtaining are not as expected. I am expecting a 1000 Hz sine ...

eduarm by Associate
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Resolved! Creating software based retriggerable one pulse timer

Hi, I want to create a timer with retriggerable pulse of specified length. Now I know timer can do it, but there is an issue with one pulse retriggerable mode that needs to be from outside trigger otherwise it dont work. My application is specific an...

HZaib.1 by Associate III
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Audio glitches on SAI slave sub-blocks (STM32H7)

Hi all,I am using the SAI peripheral on the STM32H753 and I have it set-up as follows:SAI2A - Master TX, asynchronousSAI2B - Slave RX, synchronous with sub-block ASAI3A - Slave TX, synchronous with SAI2SAI3B - Slave RX, synchronous with SAI2(SAI2 SYN...

sweera by Associate II
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STM32H7 SAI synchronization clarification

In the STM32H7 ref manual (RM0433 - Section 51.4.4), the following is said about configuring an SAI block in synchronous mode with the other SAI block in the same SAI peripheralI'm confused about the following statements:Typically, the audio block in...

sweera by Associate II
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SAI with blocking mode

Hello, I have this code     // Initialiser le bloc A fresult= HAL_SAI_Init(&hsai_BlockA1); if (fresult != HAL_OK) { return HAL_ERROR; } // Initialiser le bloc B fresult= HAL_SAI_Init(&hsai_BlockB1); if (fresult != HAL_OK) { r...

DYann1_0-1704728511248.png DYann1_1-1704728708060.png
DYann.1 by Senior
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FatFs unrealiable under high load on STM32H743

Hello,I am using a STM32H743 with a W25Q128 external flash memory running FreeRTOS and FatFs. USB is configured for mass storage, to copy files from a computer to the flash memory. The following function is used to list all the files and directories ...

JP_ama by Associate III
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Using SAI on the STM32H5

Hello Team , I am trying to use the SAI1_A on the STM32H563ZI and I am not able to read any data using the asynchronous RX Mode. The control keeps checking for status != SAI_FIFOSTATUS_EMPTY and there are no updates post that.(Although, I am using th...

Jansunil by Associate II
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Hello, I tried the Hal_Delay function but it's not work Do you have any idea for this error ? And my code still waits at this loop : Thank you for your helps Regards

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DYann.1 by Senior
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How to configure the SAI with a CODEC

Hello, I would like to know if there are people who have already configured the SAI with a CODEC to recover the data ? With this link below: I can see this figure but I don't quite under...

DYann.1 by Senior
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