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STM32H743 SAI DMA noise

Hello,I took over working code that I have for a DSP project from an STM32F439 to an STM32H743. On the F4 I had the external audio codec connected to the I2S peripheral but switched over to the SAI on the H7. Now I am experiencing excessive noise whe...

Screenshot 2023-09-05 165736.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 170054.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 191001.png Screenshot 2023-09-05 191015.png
JP_ama by Associate III
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Hello, I tried the Hal_Delay function but it's not work Do you have any idea for this error ? And my code still waits at this loop : Thank you for your helps Regards

DYann.1 by Associate III
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Array of PDM microphones best bus interface

Hello,I would like to design a microphone array with up to 16 microphones. I want to use the stm32h7a3zi board which has a lot of peripherals.I was looking at the DFSDM interface, but with only 8 channels / 8 filters up to 8 pdm microphones can be ha...

frnt by Senior
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STM32H747 Audio Recording

Hey folks, I am writing to seek guidance as a newcomer to the MCU (Microcontroller Unit) realm. My objective is to facilitate audio recording utilizing the STM32H747 microcontroller. I kindly request assistance in steering me towards the appropriate ...

Resolved! STM32G491 USB Composite(HID & UAC) problem

I have recently developed a USB Compoite (HID Keyborad & Audio Speaker) device using the STM32G491.I have been able to have it recognized as a Composite Device in the Windows 11 Device Manager, and I have been able to input keys and play PC sound fro...

STM32G4 SAI Data Processing in I2S Mode

Dear STM Community,I've configured the SAI on my Nucleo-G474RE board by setting the protocol to "I2S Standard" and data size to 24 bits to communicate with an external 24 bit ADC. Further, the SAI works together with the DMA to fill the buffers. Here...

abg1984 by Associate II
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SAI Problems in slave receiver mode

Hello,I am trying to read sample from a AD7768 using a STM32F767. The data is feed to the SAI peripheral at 8Mhz. I used this code

mickael2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Double buffered DMA on SAI_I2s_tx CT/TC conflict

I'm running tx and rx of SAI_I2S by double buffered DMA.I expect on double buffered DMA to change Current Target or CT register bit state to change at each Transfer Complete or TC. But on tx DMA stream it changes CT, one sample before TC. Why? But in...