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Custom usb

Hi Team, I'm using STM32H743 series controller.I want to implement USB Base class on STM32H743. Unfortunately CubeMX will not support it.Any example code which works on Base class- 00h, Sub class -00h and protocol -00h

RJ1 by Associate
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STM32H723 Internal Temperature Measurement vs. Ambient

All:Setup - STM32H723 with VREFP = 3.00 VI have connected internal temperature to ADC3, and I am able to display degrees C on "Live Expressions". With VREFP set to 3.00 V, I am seeing lower readings than ambient. Using __HAL_ADC_CALC_TEMPERATURE( ), ...

ToddA by Associate II
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Delay in SPI Transfer with STM32H7

Dear ForumIm using STM32 H755 ZI in the starter kit. I set the Timer 4 for generate a Interrupt each 1ms.At begin of INT:     -I toggle a PIN,      -and, send a SPI data (8 byte or 16..not important)What I noted is a delay of almost 10uS beetwen pin ...

Roibert by Associate
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Portenta H7 Development with STM32CubeIDE

I'm looking for some instructions on how to develop firmware for the Portenta H7 using the Portenta Breakout Board with the STM32CubeIDE. Before ST Microelectronics comes back and says they can't help because the H7 is not their product, that is unac...

rtalan by Associate II
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STM32H747 DMA Memory Size?

Per spec. STM32H747 has 1MB on-chip memory available. However, how that memory mapped is something I don't quite know. Linker allocates 256K @ 0x2000000 for code, and there's some DMA memory @ 0xD000000, but it's size is mystery as there's no explici...

Resolved! FTP Server Unaligned Memory failure

STM32H743STM32CubeIDE - Version: 1.14.1 Build: 20064_20240111_1413 (UTC)STM32CubeMX - Version: 6.10.0-RC9 Build: 20231120-2037 (UTC)Software Pack (AzureRTOS) 3.2.0STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.11.1 OS: Linux LMint 21 I am using the FTP server which works when c...

GreenGuy by Senior III
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STM32H747I-DISCO tearing in double buffering

Hello all,I have been trying to get the discovery board working in video mode with double buffering example working but have had no luck. I tried three different projects, the really old one from some release from two years ago, the 1.11.0 release, a...

AWang8_0-1709746427400.png AWang8_1-1709747336020.png
AWang.8 by Associate
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The DMA impact of SPI on ETH in STM32H7

Hi All.In STM32H743, if ICache is enabled and DCache is turned off, SPI frequently uses DMA to transfer data(SPI transmission interval is within 10ms), and ETH may experience transmission lag; If ICache and DCache are turned off, there is no problem ...

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ketlen by Associate
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