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STM32H563MIY3 release date

Hello,Does anybody know what's the planned production release date for the STM32H563MIY3 WLCSP 125C MCU? I am considering it for a future design.Thanks

danderle by Associate II
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LPTIM2 Pulse Counter

On NUCLEO-H563ZI board I put 3KHz square wave on LPTIM2_ETR (PC4). I want LPTIM2 to continuously count. However the count never increases. LPTIM2 setup...AndClock looks likeMX_LPTIM2_Init() looks likestatic void MX_LPTIM2_Init(void) { /* USER CODE ...

mccabehm_0-1695156427779.png mccabehm_1-1695156480655.png mccabehm_2-1695157445931.png
mccabehm by Associate II
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Why no High Speed USB for STM32H5?

The STM32U5 has HS PHY and it's slower than the STM32H5 so why doesn't the H5 have HS PHY or any HS USB support? Will a version that does be released in future? Its almost the perfect chip to use for a future project I have in mind aside from the lac...

etheory by Senior
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VTOR_S when TrustZone is disabled

Using the latest STM32CubeIDE, STM32CubeH5 and NUCLEO-H563ZI with TrustZone disabled.I put a breakpoint at the first instruction in startup in Reset_Handler. The debugger shows in SFRs, SCB->VTOR_S is 0x8000000 (which is my NSBOOTADD) and SCB->VTOR_N...

mete by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32C0 and STM32H5 workshop materials

On Thursday, June 29, 2023, I attended the "STM32H5: Ultimate combination of performance, integration and affordability" workshop, which I find very interesting. Workshop participants were informed that the slides and a voucher to order the STM32H5 d...

MirKoz by Associate III
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