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STM32H563 FDCAN system bootloader

Hi,i'm trying to upload my firmware with FDCAN system bootloader in STM32H563.As this article( says that ST link debugger and STM32 cube programmer don't suppo...

Hoon by Associate
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Resolved! STM32 H5 I3C CCC transmit

I used STM32H563 transmit a message through I3C CCC direct.I create a new CCC command "0xA0".Control send the command to target.But target will enter HAL_I3C_ER_IRQHandlerUesd the general command "0x89".The target can receive this command. The Buffer...

Sunwaz by Associate III
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Stereo FMAC

Hi ST!I am writing to ask if any ST MCU's will be released with 2x independent FMAC units?At the moment, doing stereo audio processing with a single FMAC is problematic (and ST MCU's ONLY have a single FMAC unit), especially being unable to load the ...

etheory by Senior
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STM32H563ZI, Openocd configure and flash

Greetings! Getting back into embedded after a long while. As the title says I am wanting to use STM32H563ZI with openocd, but it is not supported out of the box. I have gone through the readme and it looks like I need to create a specific `target/stm...

tebel by Associate
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Resolved! MCUBoot on nucleo H563

Hello,I'm working with the nucleo_h563zi board and Zephyr (3.6).  I'm trying to build using MCU Boot and firmware update. I  have been able to successfully build MCUBoot and flash it to the device. That boots but fails with the "Unable to find bootab...

srberard by Associate
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Resolved! STM32 with minimum 11 Uart peripherals

Hi, I wonder if someone can recommend an alternative to STM32H563ZIT6 mcu for minimum 11 Uart peripherals ona single IC. Preferably if the IC is from the STM32F series.NOTE: The above quantity achieved by treating the USART ports as UART using 144 pi...

STehA.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Nucleo STM32H5 debugging OpenOCD

Hi all,I recently got a Nucleo STM32H563ZI board to start doing development with the STM32H5x family of microcontrollers but I'm having issues trying to setup a debug session in VSCode. I've download the STM32 OpenOCD version and compiled it as it se...

margce by Associate III
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STM32H5 USART RXFIFO error handing

Hello,I am developing a serial communication driver using USART.I have enabled FIFO and RTO interrupt, to handle reception.TRM says that the received data is stored in the RXFIFO together with the corresponding flags and that PE, FE, NE bits in ISR r...

CTabo.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! LDO for STM32H573AII3Q

STM32H573AII3Q is a 169 pin UFBGA SMPS package. Along with SMPS option, does it also have internal LDO for core supply? Can we use internal LDO to supply core voltage for this package?

madhu1 by Associate II
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