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Resolved! CubeMX STM32L4 code generation question

Hi folks,I use MX to generate a code for STM32L4. I noticed, when I configure timer in one pulse mode, I cannot set OC CH1 in PWM mode with CubeMX. I could set it manually after code was generated, but it would be overwritten if I run MX one more tim...

Lex by Associate III
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STM32U535 Backup registers access wait states

Hi all, I am running into an issue related to writing backup registers on the STM32U535xx MCU. When I compile my code with -Oz, the write fails, whereas with -Os, it succeeds. The relevant C code is pretty straightforward:LL_PWR_EnableBkUpAccess();LL...

GeertL by Associate II
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STM32U5A5: DMA to SAI2 does not work - why?

I want to send audio samples (received via SAI1 from PDM MIC) to SAI2_SD_B as SPDIF out.It does not work, because: the DMA does not seem to write the DR in SAI2:the memory is filled with audio samplesthe DMA seems to run (I get the HAL_SAI_TxCpltCall...

tjaekel by Senior III
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Error stm32G030 not specified in the errata file.

When using RTC, the GPIO pin state of PA4 may be corrupted. RM0454, section 23.3.3 says: "In addition, it is possible to output RTC_OUT2 on PA4 pin thanks to OUT2EN bit. Thisoutput is not available in VBAT mode. The different functions are mapped on ...

PBobo.1 by Associate II
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