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Concurrent DMA controlled SPIs failing (STM32H7)

All,I'm finding that concurrent DMA driven SPI transfers are failing.its STM32H743, Latest HAL, latest Cube and followed all rules with cache configuration etc etc.I’m running this in different FreeRTOS threaads and if I put a mutex around the HAL DM...

MS.9 by Associate III
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STM32H7 Timer Triggered SPI Transfer no interrupts

I am trying to create a repeating trigger to start an SPI transfer to read 12 x 16 bit values from an external ADC.I have configured the SPI with a Rx DMA to receive the data and have created a timer to trigger a second DMA to write to the SPI->CR1 r...

NBrick67 by Associate II
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STM32L476 SPI incorrect readings

I am trying to communicate with a spectrometer sensor using SPI protocol. With SPI default settings, I am using both arduino and Stm32L476 nucleo boards. (8Bits, MSB First, CPOL Low, CPHA 1 Edge).I read multiple registers from the sensor using both a...

RSath.1 by Associate II
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STM32H7 SPI Slave Dynamic Message Length

Hi,I'm using SPI to communicate between two micros - one F103 (master) and one H750 (slave). The data communicated will be vastly different in purpose and size (e.g. from simple requests to firmware image download) and so the designed protocol necess...


Hello,I am trying to write to this EEPROM and when I do, what I read back is always some other data, as if the EEPROM is write protected.The sequence of instructions I am using are: CMD 0x06 - Write EnabkeCMD 0x05 - Read status register, returns valu...

Resolved! External DAC with SPI + DMA

HiI am trying to make an analog synthesizer, and for this is using a STM32G431 with some 8-channel DAC’s (connected via SPI) for generating control-voltages for the VCA’s and other circuits.I would like to use the SPI with DMA, and have looked at the...

decalvus by Associate II
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STM32L0 SPI communication with DMA, Slow CS

STM32L0 SPI communication with DMA. The SPI CS line is controlled with software. It appears to stay low for about 72uS when the communication only takes about 4uS. Right before setting the DMA to roll, I set the CS to 0. Nothing else is pending for t...

Dude by Associate III
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