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SPI communication with 3 wire display

Hi community,I have a display, which has only CLK, DI and CS pin for SPI communication. It uses TI protocol.The original driver is only working with raspberry pi, I try to import it into my custom STM32 MCU board, the CLK and CS signals seem okay,  O...

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Stm32H743 spi function question

I developed with the stm32f756 chip and then switched to the stm32h743 chip.Then, the functions "LL_SPI_TX_FIFO_FULL", "LL_SPI_IsActiveFlag_BSY", "LL_SPI_IsActiveFlag_TXE", and "LL_SPI_IsActiveFlag_RXNE" that were in "stm32f7xx_ll_spi.h" cannot be fo...

Resolved! STM32U5xx: SPI3 slave fails at 80 MHz

I use OCTOSPI as SPI master and listen via SPI3 as Slave (in SW NCS mode) what was sent from master.SPI3 Slave fails for clock speed 80 MHz (larger as 54 MHz:(Symptoms:the data bytes on SPI3 slave are wrong (they look like shifted by one bit)running ...

tjaekel by Senior
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Resolved! STM32H747-DISCO SPI problems

Using the STM32H747I-DISCO, I am having problems getting SPI working at all.I am using SPI5, to allow connecting an X-NUCLEO-NFC08A1 directly via the Arduino headers.I do not see any data on the SCK line and HAL_SPI_Transmit() always fails.Looking in...

Trying to use SPI emulator (AN4678) on STM32F405

Hello,I'm trying to read some data using the RX mode of the SPI emulator explained in AN4678 but I have a weird bug that I don't know how to fix.To quickly explain how it works, the SPI emulator uses TIM1 pin to generate a clock and a GPIO pin to beh...

arnaudg by Associate
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Driver For ILI9486L SPI Display

Where Can I find Driver for the following ILI9486L LCD Display?And I need some guides on how to connect this weird SPI to STM32H chips.I have to use SPI or QSPI for connecting to this display?

Rthat.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Restart SPI DMA Transmission

Hello,I am working on a sensor device acting as a SPI slave with transmit only and without chip select signal. I am using a STM32G070 microcontroller.I configured 4 bytes transmissions using DMA. The problem I have is that the external master can per...