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SPI Receive

Hi, I am working on SPI to communicate with the AD9959 from analog device, I'm analyzing the MOSI and MISO signal with probes on an oscilloscope and can see that  I can successfully write and read from the device, the thing is that HAL_SPI_Receive() ...

Vueko by Associate III
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2 ADC channels assigned to 1 MCU pin

I have designed a buck converter that uses the MCU to regulate its output voltage.I am using one pin for the voltage feedback that will be used to regulate the output.  However, because it has to read this pin very quickly, the sample period has been...

Delay with timers(Non blocking delay)

Hi,I need  microsec/millisec delay  in my project but I don't want to effect the process flow.I am using STM32G4.I am using timer for microseconds delay below is the function.void delay_us (uint16_t us){__HAL_TIM_SET_COUNTER(&htim1,0); // set the cou...

Protection against HRTIM output locking high

I am using an STM32G474 to create an inverting buck-boost converter, but after damaging a few boards, I realized that there is a series design issue that could short 24V to ground through an inductor if the HRTIM output pin ever goes high unexpectedl...