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STM32 UART stops At High Temperature

Hi,I am Using an stm32f205 on our board. All the Uarts works fine at room temperature. But when the temp increases above 58 degress, messages started get missed in the uarts or sometimes it completely stops sending messages.I am running the board at ...

JThom.15 by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32F217 HSE and Timer Sync

I'm working with an STM32F217 and I have a few timer channels setup as sync clocks to regulators (around 1.5 MHz). I'm checking to make sure my sync lines are actually using HSE as a reference clock by looking at the phase drift between my external o...

PCarn.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Getting problems with CAN on a NUCLEO-F207ZG Board

Hello everyone,   for a project I try to build a small CAN Bus with several Nucleo 144F207 Boards. Sadly, I have a really hard time to get it to work even though it should be rather simple. The minimum setup consists of two boards and two CAN Trancie...

CANconfig.PNG Scope1.jpg

Resolved! JTRST and NRST of STM32 MCU

Hello!What is the difference between JTRST and NRST of stm32 mcu?When using SWD, where should the RESET pin be connected? NRST or JTRST?

ellie99 by Associate
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Happy 2024 !

To our valued community around the world, our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Top 3 Contributors and superusers during 2023 for the last 6 months and the new community @TDK with 326 solutions@Tesla DeLorean 151 solution...

STOne-32 by ST Employee
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Hi,I am doing the MTBF calculation of our product which contains STM32F205RCT7. Can you provide me with the MTBF value of STM32F205RCT7?Thanks in advance

YsnKcl by Associate
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