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Error in the init of ethernet

 Good morning everyone!I'm working on a project involving FreeRTOS, lwip, and Ethernet with the ST32H563VGT6 MCU on a custom PCB.I'm attaching the hardware schematics, which we've taken from ST's schematics of the NUCLEO-H563ZI board. I'm including a...

Esquematicos_ETH.png JonConesa_0-1713435865970.png

MCU not stopping at sleepmode in freertos

I am using stm32l496  I am trying to enter sleepmode in freertos, but for some reason the system does not enter it. GLOBAL void SleepMode_Activate(void) { unsigned int sleep; flag = 1; /*Disable display task if not already disabled*/ if (mt...

HZaib.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Do all FPU operations proceed in a single SYSCLK tick?

This should be simple, but I can't find documentation.   I am running an STM32L4P5 at max clock speed (120 MHz), and I have moved all code to SRAM so it is running with zero wait states.    I have an extensive calculation to do using the FPU -- I am ...

JCase.1 by Associate III
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STM32H7 faster using floats than using uint32_t

I made following two versions of the same software to process DMA data, one using floats and the second using uint32_t to try run faster, but as a surprise the first one run faster:  //161 void process_data_ADC1() { float samples1=(2.0f/(float)ADC_B...

JLope.11 by Associate III
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Resolved! SysTick and FREE Rtos

Hi to everybody.I'm using H5 and FREE RTOS. I'm porting a project from M3 , than M4 now to H5. I used LL for all the periferals, but moving to HAL isn't a probelm (... but I prefer  LL!).On M3 and M4 I used a timers to "serve" the RTOS scheduler, the...

TheRaprus by Associate III
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Resolved! Problem of porting FreeRTOS to STM32H573I-DK by CubeMX

Hi everyone,I have a STM32H573I-DK and try to port FreeRTOS without TrustZone to this board by CubeMX but suffered from a problem.I installed the X-CUBE-FREERTOS, set TIM17 for HAL Tick and SysTick for FreeRTOS.It will block (or crash?) in vStartFirs...

Problem with OpenAmp_ping pong

Dear Support team, I am using this STM32H755 as a motor control application. I have developed motor control algorithm on M4 and the communication with Master through SPI using M7.I need to exchange data between M4 and M7 continuously. I tried with Op...