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STM32U535 Backup registers access wait states

Hi all, I am running into an issue related to writing backup registers on the STM32U535xx MCU. When I compile my code with -Oz, the write fails, whereas with -Os, it succeeds. The relevant C code is pretty straightforward:LL_PWR_EnableBkUpAccess();LL...

GeertL by Associate II
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Resolved! How to wake-up on time in time with RTC ?

Hi eveyone,I have a problem with RTC wake up. I use LSE 32.768kHz.I run example from manufacturer to wake up MCU from Stand by mode very 1min, 2mins. Everything work okay.But, When I put delay 10s and HAL_PWR_EnterSTANDBYMode(); into while(1). Everyt...

Error stm32G030 not specified in the errata file.

When using RTC, the GPIO pin state of PA4 may be corrupted. RM0454, section 23.3.3 says: "In addition, it is possible to output RTC_OUT2 on PA4 pin thanks to OUT2EN bit. Thisoutput is not available in VBAT mode. The different functions are mapped on ...

PBobo.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32 RTC3 Mixed Mode: Writing TR resets SSR?

RTC3 of some newer STM32s introduce a RTC mixed mode, where both binary part (32-bit down-counting sub-seconds register SSR) and classic BCD calender (TR/DT) mode are operational.In my case I am using this for classic style BCD alarms together with b...

STM32H753 and RTC return wrong day

In my project I want to use RTC on STM32H753 chip. And when reading the date, I get the wrong data in the position of days. And I can't fix this problem. When I debug, the registers are set successfully.  Init function:     void BSP__RTC_InitAndRead(...

Resolved! Oscillator Selection for STM32G4

Hello Community,I am slightly confused while selecting the external high-precision Clock source for our application that uses STM32G474RxT3 series MCUs. I want to use DSC1001DL2-024.0000T as I have these in our inventory, I checked for the operating ...

Chubs by Associate III
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Reg. USB HOST HID Class Keyboard Implementation

Hello,I have been using STM USB HOST HID class library to implement the USB keyboard on my STM32F429ZI custom board. I have been able to successfully enumerate the USB keyboard and getting the key pressed on the keyboard using the custom keyread() fu...

shefu by Associate II
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Turn off pll before entering sleep - STM32F410RB

Hello,i am using stm32f410rb device, where i want to do some things at 100mhz using HSI only, and pll.After this i am puting the device in sleep mode, and  provide wakeup using the rtc interupt.The HSE is not used. My problem is that before sending t...

Bogdan by Senior
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