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Question about HSE and LSE

Hello guys. I'm trying to design a custom pcb that uses an STM32h7a3zit mcu and one of the most confusing parts is clock configuration. I will mainly use the hs usb interface. I've searched a couple of online sources and from what i could find is tha...

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STM32H723 USB Mass storage

I am trying to implement a USB mass storage using USB3300, STM32H723, and e eMMC. Project Setup:* Clock configUSB_HS ConfigUSB Device configeMMC configIn the code I made these addons in the "usbd_storage_if.c" file:Currently, my custom board is worki...

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GnasUhn by Associate II
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Losing data sending over USB CDC

Dear community,I am working with the STM32 Nucleo F429ZI board to send data over USB - CDC. I have set a time interrupt every 1ms and my goal is to send a package of data after each time interrupt (the data sent are consecutive numbers).As the code b...


stm32 virtual com port on windows 11

I am working on stm32f439zi (nucleo) usb port with windows 11. After I enabled usb port functions on stm32cubeide, I got definition as followed for usb port:  when I connect device to windows 11 desktop. it looks like device use standard Microsoft us...

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Resolved! STM32F7 USB CDC Device Descriptor Request failing

I am struggling to get USB CDC working. I am very far down a rabbit hole and I'm completely stuck.I am using HAL libraries for USB_OTG_HS on the STM32F746ZGT6, with a 16MHz HSE.I am running in bus powered mode, VBUS detect disabled, and I have hardwi...

lejanz by Associate II
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USB HOST with STM32F407 can not activate CH340

I'm using STM32F407 as a USB host. I have multiple devices in which we are using CH340E as the USB to serial communication. The problem is if that device somehow turns off and CH340E loses its power. The USB Host can not transmit data to the other de...

MKDas by Associate II
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Resolved! NUCLEO STM32U575ZI-Q USB Device CDC Problem

Hello, I am trying to use the STMicroelectronics classic USB device middleware to implement a CDC class in the STM32U575 microcontroller. I am currently working on NUCLEO-u575ZI-Q. At first, I followed the tutorial on "How to use STMicroelectronics c...

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