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Why OTH_HS USB on STM32U5A9x just does not work?

While investigating for the firth evening in the row why OTH_HS USB on STM32U5A9x does not work I reviewed USB registers. There are quite few of them and in HAL some are them are named differently than in RM0456 (details here), but that is not the ro...

TDJ by Senior III
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USBX and STM32U5 crash

I am unable to make working ThreadX USBX Host example for STM32U5 adopted for Nucleo-U575ZI-Q.All, but the last setup step described in Introduction to USBX section 3.3 complete properly, but when finally HAL_HCD_Start() is called, ThreadX crashes. W...

Screenshot 2023-09-18 113103.png
TDJ by Senior III
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Resolved! USB on-the-go high-speed (OTG_HS) - core setup confusion

In RM0456 section 73.4.3 OTG_HS core (p.3279) I found the following statement:"The OTG_HS receives the 60 MHz clock from the reset and clock controller (RCC). This is typically generated in the PLL associated with the HS PHY and enabled in the RCC. T...

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TDJ by Senior III
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Why no High Speed USB for STM32H5?

The STM32U5 has HS PHY and it's slower than the STM32H5 so why doesn't the H5 have HS PHY or any HS USB support? Will a version that does be released in future? Its almost the perfect chip to use for a future project I have in mind aside from the lac...

etheory by Senior
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STM32U575 - USBPD_CAD_Init error wit Thread-Safe setting

Hello,I am building an application using ThreadX, FileX, USBX and USBPD. Everyting runs perfectly until I bring USBPD in the game. Whatever I do, I always get an error when the library calls USBPD_CAD_Init().More precisely, the function fails at a ca...

Pepils by Associate II
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Programing firmware

I am developing a board using the STM32H725. We are currently programing each board using the STM32Cube    programmer and then we send the PCB on a test bench to test each card. This step that seems to be quite simple but it actually adds additional ...

How to configure abd read data with

Hello ,I recently bought the core system board (STEVAL-STWBXCS1), so I don't know everything about it. I would like to carry out a predictive maintenance project. I followed the steps below:1- flash the binary file with STM32CubeProgrammer2...

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Resolved! USBX MSC + FileX + NAND Flash - Windows I/O

Hello,I am building and application with a STM32U575 and a 4Gb NAND Flash. What I am trying to achieve now is to upload files from my PC through USB and then used these file within the STM32 using FileX.I already managed to set up FileX and LevelX to...

Pepils by Associate II
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