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Unknown TSSOP-20 chip identification

Hi all.I'm struggling with certain device and I'd like to identify unknown TSSOP-20 chip on the PCB. Chip must be an MCU and based on the pinout it's very close to some STM8, eg. STM8AF6213. There are VCC and GND connected to Pin 9 and 7 respectively...

MPrih.1 by Associate
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Hello,STM8S208RB microcontroller, Independent watchdog (IWDG). After starting the watchdog timer (command KEY_ENABLE value = 0xCC), I understand that the watchdog timer stops after resetting the microcontroller. The default register state is undefine...


My first ever PCB design. Any comments? Tips or tricks?

Hello stm community. I am designing my first ever PCB board and i need some comments of yours. Here is the screenshots of the pcb schematic and pcb itself. Do you see any mistakes etc? Also I am not sure about the VCAP connection. Is it correctly mad...

Screenshot 2024-01-21 154527.png Screenshot 2024-01-21 154550.png Screenshot 2024-01-21 154605.png Screenshot 2024-01-21 154617.png
bepo-san by Associate II
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STM8S005K6T6 needs working within 10ms

 Hello everyone!I have a question and seek your help: I ​​use STM8S005K6T6 microcontroller and cc1101 RF transceiver module, and the operation at 433 MHz is affected. It generates power automatically and can only last for 10ms. The voltage remains at...

Emanuel_ by Associate
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STM8L101F2 consumption in Halt mode

Hi,i have STM8L101F2 at breadboard. Decoupling capacitors 100nF+22uF, supply voltage 3.3V from linear lab.power supply, nothing connected to any pin. Simple firmware (Cosmic compiler)void main(void){ GPIO_Init(GPIOA, GPIO_Pin_All,GPIO_Mode_In_PU_No...

How STM8S001J3 use BOR function?

Hello. I am using the STM8S001J3 MCU. I want to use the reset function in my MCU. stm8 has a total of 9 Reset functions.●External reset through the NRST pin● Power-on reset (POR) and brown-out reset (BOR): During power-on, the POR keeps the device un...

SDCC 4.4.0 and a comparison of current STM8 C compilers

Two days ago, SDCC 4.4.0, a C compiler targeting various 8-bit architectures, including STM8, was released. IMO, for the ST8, the main two improvements over SDCC 4.3.0 are:New optimizations, in particular generalized constant propagation and the rota...

Resolved! AF bit I2C_SR2 register

Hello,STM8S208RB.How can you read the AF bit in the I2C_SR2 register?When I try to read this bit, it is always 0 even if this bit is set to 1 (In debug mode I look at this bit that it is set to 1). For example, the following condition always gives th...

MykolaLevun_0-1706369511589.png MykolaLevun_1-1706369895465.png

This code past compile, not rebuild-all

I tested this code in stvd:#include "stm8s.h"     void delay_asm (int ms) //create delay function { int i=0 ; int j=0; for (i=0; i<=ms; i++) { for (j=0; j<120; j++) // Nop = Fosc/4 _asm("nop"); // just an assembly code. } }   int ma...

MQi.1 by Senior II
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