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no spice model for new opamp? TSB182

Why does ST not provide a spice model for a new opamp. Specifically the TSB182 ?New parts should have a model.No model , not going to be considered  for use.On  another note  ST's website is almost unusable. I get HTTP 408 and 504 errors almost every...

Rob1 by Associate II
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TDA7294 Spice Model

Hello,Is there a TDA7294 spice model? I am an engineering student doing my Bachelor's audio project and would help me in the development of the project.Best,João Santos

Resolved! diode 1N5711 matched pairs

Hello,We currently use diode 1N5711 in an array. It would be beneficial to have matched batches as mentioned on the website 1N5711 - 70 V, 15 mA RF and Ultrafast Switching Signal Schottky Diode - STMicroelectronics.I'd like to know more about the mat...

ChrisL by Associate
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STM32L412 Issue with ADC

I'm finding difficult to get the value from the channel that i configured of a regular channel with stm32l412 microcontroller. where I'm not getting the EOC interrupt enabled in ADC_ISR register. and When I tried to get data from ADC_CDR register, it...

Aj_123 by Associate II
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STM32H503RB & Pmod I2S2 module problem

Hello, I have a problem with my NUCLEO H503RB. I'm trying to make it work with Pmod I2S2 module (ADC+DAC). For now I've connected only ADC via I2S1. This is my HW configuration:I2S config:GPDMA config:Code:No data stored: As you can see, I have no da...

sebxx4_0-1707834029221.png sebxx4_1-1707834044304.png sebxx4_2-1707834060764.png sebxx4_3-1707834092573.png
sebxx4 by Associate II
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STM32U5 SAI in I2S mode + GPDMA

Hi,I have a board with an STM32U575 at the core.I'm attempting to set up SAI receiver in I2S mode, with 32-bit 48kHz sampling. See my configuration of SAI A below:I also want to receive the data continuously in circular mode via DMA (or GPDMA in the ...

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 05.31.13.png Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 05.33.01.png Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 05.56.49.png

Resolved! Can i get audio input via 3.5mm jack

I am using STM3210C-EVAL board. It has a audio jack port. Datasheet says i can play audio but i couldn't find anything about audio input.My question is:Can i record audio using a 3.5mm jack microphone via this jack input? And does this jack port supp...