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Unwanted NMI interrupt of CSS peripheral of stm32G491CC

Good morning community,I am contacting you to ask for support regarding a EMC immunity problem I'm experiencing.My application uses an stm32g491cc MCU with an external 8 MHz ceramic resonator (HSE)What i observe is a reset of the microcontroller duri...

GIabi.1 by Associate II
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HiI would like to use some GPIO to read pulses from a gas meter. The will be exposed outside the product. So, I was planning to use a TVS plus resistor to protect tge device.Can someone give any info on this? I believe that it is recomended, but the ...

GErma.1 by Associate III
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STM32F3 - Permissible Magnetic Field Strength

I am currently using the STM32F3 series microcontroller (STM32F303CB) in a magnetic sensing application. Since the environment is prone to magnetic field, I wish to know the maximum field strength that the microcontroller can withstand.I could not fi...

MagSense by Associate II
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STM32L431RCT reads out Zero Value from ADC after EMC/ESD Testing. After a manually disable and enabling adc cycle everything is fine again.

Do you have any ideas what's going on with STM32L431RCT. After ESD Testing ADC of STM32L431RCT reads back 0 Values at all Input Channels. A manually disable and enabling cycle in debugging mode helps. ADC is reading values then correct again.We also ...

MGehr.3 by Associate II
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USB CDC communication failure due to EMI

Hi everyone,We are facing issues with USB in our new products due to EMC (electromagnetic compatibility). IEC61000-4-4 burst, mediuum severity.The USB stops working fequently when the device is connected to a PC and a burst is applied to the AC power...

FDigi by Associate III
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