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OTP Memory j-link

Hi Team i have one question can i write data into stm32wl series boards OTP memory using j-link debugger softwares like segger j flash commander or segger j flash memory.i have another question is it possible to write data into stm32wl series boards ...

kRaje.1 by Associate II
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Hello everyone,I'm working on a project where i use 2 STM32 MCU which communicate with each other with LPUART and DMA.My STM32 references : STM32L072CBT6 and STM32L010C6T6I have a problem with this communication with LPUART and DMA. I see that error ...

MLam by Associate III
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STM32L031 Programming and debugging using Tag Connect

Hello. I am currently working with the STM32L031 Nucleo board: The board has integrated ST-LINK so it is quite easy and convenient to flash the devic...

LPetr.1 by Senior
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Resolved! STM32L0 LPUART LSE Error

Hello everyone,I'm working on a project with a STM32L072CBT6.I'm using LPUART (PB10 / PB11) at 9600 bauds to communicate with an other board. For low power consumption, i'm using LSE for my LPUART.When i check my bauds rate on my oscilloscope, i get ...

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MLam by Associate III
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Resolved! CHOOSE MCU

Hi.I work on BMS. I want a master-slave topology. I want to use 300 slave cards and 1 master card. This BMS is for automotive. I check ST MCU. I guess, The card should be 10-bit I2C. Because I want 300 Slave cards. So, Can you Help me this subject? W...

bngstskn by Associate II
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UPGRADE FIRMWARE stm32l072kztx

Olá pessoal, estou tentando atualizar o micro firmware usando stm32 cubeIde stm32l072kztx. Já tentei usar os comandos AT^SISS e baixar o arquivo .HEX compilado via FTP, já tentei usar os comandos AT^SNFOTA, mas não funcionou. Baixando via FTP consigo...

Battery charger using stm32 & ltc4015

Hi currently I am implementing a smart battery charger using stm32 & ltc4015.But i could not understand how to perfectly configure ltc4015 through i2c protocol.So could you please inform me how to write the i2c sequences to safely charge the battery....