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Resolved! Record audio using DFSDM and send the data over UART

I have a B-L475E-IOT01A2 board. I'm trying to use the onboard microphones to record audio, using the DFSDM peripheral, and then send the data over UART to my PC to play it back. The thing is, the data I get is basically just static.Here is how I conf...

anwvo by Associate
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DFSDM sinc filter STM32H743 Problem

Hello,I am trying to use the DFSDM module on the Nucleo-H743ZI2 board .As a minimal example, i tried to use a sinc filter of 2. order with a FOSR of 4.Channel0 is activated in the parallel mode, standard data packing mode and the setting to take data...

set3.PNG set0.PNG set1.PNG set4.PNG
Uloff.4 by Associate
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Array of PDM microphones best bus interface

Hello,I would like to design a microphone array with up to 16 microphones. I want to use the stm32h7a3zi board which has a lot of peripherals.I was looking at the DFSDM interface, but with only 8 channels / 8 filters up to 8 pdm microphones can be ha...

frnt by Senior
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Beam Forming sample for MIC ARRAY

I'm in the first steps of my project. Selected STM32F446ZE Nucleo board for developing MIC ARRAY application as 446ZE used in BLUE COIN and made my own same arranged mic array board. Now I found there is no Beam Forming sample for it!ST has a documen...

_behn4m by Associate II
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STM32 DFSDM, cannot get the right resolution

Hello STM32-Community,I'm currently working witha PDM Microphone (SPH0641) and try to get it to work via DFSDM. I'm using the DFSDM tutorial vom STM32 to achieve the resolution required for my system.Currently I'm using:Filter Order : 3Fil...

NW.2 by Associate II
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STM32H723 DFSDM Inject Mode

Hello ST Community​I encountered many problems when using DFSDM peripherals,Especially the trigger problem of injection mode​The STM32Cube H7 package which providing DFSDM example,Only refer a applicableation About Audio​Can the ST official provide t...

GWenJ.1 by Associate II
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Changing filter and channel properties during the run

Hi,I'm using DFSDM on NUCLEO-L476RG, the DFSDM configured as follows:static void MX_DFSDM1_Init(void) {   /* USER CODE BEGIN DFSDM1_Init 0 */   /* USER CODE END DFSDM1_Init 0 */   /* USER CODE BEGIN DFSDM1_Init 1 */   /* USER CODE END DFSDM1_...

lFurm.1 by Associate
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