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Audio glitches on SAI slave sub-blocks (STM32H7)

Hi all,I am using the SAI peripheral on the STM32H753 and I have it set-up as follows:SAI2A - Master TX, asynchronousSAI2B - Slave RX, synchronous with sub-block ASAI3A - Slave TX, synchronous with SAI2SAI3B - Slave RX, synchronous with SAI2(SAI2 SYN...

sweera by Associate II
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Resolved! F4 I2S cannot resync after noise

I've got the I2S working with DMA as slave receiver, works great, bit perfectly fills receiving buffer,until I restart the master, or introduce noise to I2S bus, then it just loses it, fills buffer with nonsense after that.It's not able to resync to ...

mrx23 by Associate III
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Resolved! F4 I2S read only first frame is valid

I'm trying to read i2s data on F401 from a dummy master device with slow clock rate.The problem is that it only reads the first channel correctly, rest is gibberish, based on logic analyzer the rest of data is there. so I generate this simple test da...

mrx23_0-1706740687773.png mrx23_3-1706741449029.png mrx23_1-1706740785005.png mrx23_2-1706741268517.png
mrx23 by Associate III
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Problems with DMA in Ping Pong buffer schema

Hello everyone i am quite stuck and i want to se if you have any idea.I am making a project wich has 3 devices. - ESP32 wich receive from bluetooth an audio stream- Nucleo F401Re wich receive from the ESP32 via I2S the audio and then process it.- MAX...

guidoglorioso01_0-1706385277144.png guidoglorioso01_3-1706385346469.png guidoglorioso01_1-1706385308953.png guidoglorioso01_2-1706385329047.png

Resolved! Using both I2S and SDIO

I want to play audio on STM32F4 Discovery board. Audio is stored in SD card which connected by SDIO. On discovery board, I see below connections.I2S3_SCK -- PC10 -- (SCLK) CS43L22I2S3_SD -- PC12  -- (SDIN) CS43L22but PC10 & PC12 are also connected to...

Nico3 by Associate III
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Resolved! I2S and DMA HAL problem (DMA trigger only once) STM32H7

Hello,I'm trying to use the I2S transceiver on a STM32H7.I did a first simple experiment using the HAL function: HAL_I2S_Receive_DMAI use a basic loop in the main:while (1){  if (i2s_bsy == 0) {    i2s_bsy = 1;    i2s_status = HAL_I2S_Receive_DMA(&hi...

mkhairy by Associate II
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