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STA8100-EVB-T5DR question

"I would like to ask a few questions:Initially, I was able to use the EVB-T5DR, and the NMEA decoding displayed information correctly. However, for some reason, it suddenly stopped working. When I used the UART tool to read the data, it appeared as G...

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PPS output from Teseo-LIV3R

What is the timing specification of the PPS (Pulse Per Second) output from the Teseo-LIV3R in terms of pulse width and/or duty cycle?  I've reviewed the datasheet, UM2523 (ST Teseo III ROM binary image - User manual), and UM2231 (Teseo-LIV3 GNSS Modu...

Teseo-VIC3DA Battery and SD card

Hi, I'm using TESEO-LIV3F. I  would like to know how to power this device when using the internal battery and how to log data to the SD card.  Sincerely,Aviad

azamir by Associate
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Teseo Suite Activation

I am working with a Teseo LIV3R and have it up and running in Teseo suite. I would like to modify the configuration but this feature is locked in the software. I have followed the activation instructions but have received no key and no response to ...

EKoso.1 by Associate
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Hi there,I recently got a sample TESEO-LIV4FTR chip.I am used to rtk1010 from locosys, which seems similar in size. Not sure about the specifications. Can this chip also acheive RTK cm level fix using a base or external ntrip server ? Regards,Adrian

xjust by Associate
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PSTMTTFF message format

Hi,Lately we have been studying the $PSTMTTFF message described in the ST Teseo III binary image - User manual (UM2399 Rev 4). We can see the output message from a Teseo III module (shown as below), however we cannot find relevant material regarding ...

X-NUCLEO-GNSS1A1 / LIV3F enabling NMEA 4.10 possible?

Hello,I don't understand whether it is possible or not to enable NMEA 4.10 messages on the X-NUCLEO-GNSS1A1 / LIV3F. I'm currently testing it with the updated firmware version, as per $$PSTMVER,GNSSLIB_8.*5E. This is confusing, because i...

SDi S.2 by Associate
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TESEO-LIV3R standby command not working

Hi, I have a EVB-LIV3R board and I'm trying to command its power modes.To put the device on standby mode, it is declared that we can use the "#PSTMFORCESTANDBY,<time>" message, where <time> is the number of seconds (see UM2523). But when I try to do ...

KCerq.1 by Associate II
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