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Resolved! LPTIM current consumption

Hello, For my research work I want to characterize how much current the LPTIM of a STM32U575ZIT6Q consumes when in compare match mode (counting from 0 to 65535 repeatedly).I prorgrammed two very simple codes, one where the counter is not initialized ...

MCU current.jpeg by Associate
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Resolved! Help with STM32H7A3 low power timer

I have the low power timer LPTIM1 working on a STM32H7A3 but the way I have to clear the IRQs is a little confusing.  Here's my IRQHandler:void LPTIM1_IRQHandler(void) { //Disable LPTIM1 CLEAR_BIT(LPTIM1->CR, 0x01); //Clear IRQs LL_LPTIM_ClearFl...

magene by Senior II
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LPTIM count error on STM32L476RG

Hello,I am experiencing counting errors (specifically overflow counting errors) on LPTIM1.A bit of context first: the goal is to use the LPTIM1 to count pulses which are first treated by the COMP1 (to convert the input signal into an all-or-nothing s...

Resolved! LPTimer counts only to 1 if running on LSE

Hi, I'm using on a STM32L4R9 a LPTimer1 in interrupt mode. If i use it with the PCLK1, HSI or LSI as clocksource it works as expected. It counts to the ARR value and then the interrupt occours. If i use the LSE as clocksource the LPTimer seems only t...

Resolved! STM32U5 Can't exit STOP2 mode with LPTIM

Hi everyone,I'm trying to enter STOP2 mode with a STM32U575 and exit from it with a LPTIM1 compare match. LPTIM1 is clocked with LSE, so it should be still working in STOP2 mode.Here is part of my code in the main funtion: /* Initialize all configure...

LMenc.1 by Associate
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Do timers work in CSLEEP or CSTOP modes?

I am going to have an external high speed signal as input to the MCU. I want to use a 32-bit timer to count the number of cycles on that input. Will a regular timer keep counting even in CSLEEP or CSTOP modes? Or do I need to use an LPTIMER. The LPTI...

Detecting Missing Encoder Input

I am using LPTIM1 of an STM32WB55 to read the outputs of a quadrature encoder.If I disconnect either of the two inputs, the timer continues to increment or decrement.Is there any way to stop the counter changing value when one of the in puts is missi...

TWood.4 by Associate II
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