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Detecting Missing Encoder Input

I am using LPTIM1 of an STM32WB55 to read the outputs of a quadrature encoder.If I disconnect either of the two inputs, the timer continues to increment or decrement.Is there any way to stop the counter changing value when one of the in puts is missi...

TWood.4 by Associate II
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LPBAM Scenario usage multiple analog watchdogs

I've trying for days to get the LPBAM tool to work. The TempSense example project is similar to what i'm trying to do. I'd like to immediately stop2 on power up and continually sample 3 channels. The first condition i'm waiting for is IN1 > 1100, ...

sleon.1 by Associate II
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LPTIM match interrupt discrepancy on STM32U5

Hi,We are working with STM32U585AI processor. Our software is based on an RTOS and we are using LPTIM to generate OS ticks.Our system runs from either PLL@160MHz or HSI@16MHz depending upon system load. LPTIM is fed directly from LSE@32768Hz.We are f...

How to use LPTIM_TimeOut for a simple one-shot delay ?

I'm trying to realize some simple timings/delays in my application using the LPTIM, and although most of it is working, I don't understand it 100%.So the LPTIM is set up to run on the LSE clock (32768 Hz) (with a prescaler of 16, so the LPTIM is runn...

Strooom by Associate III
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Quad encoder user input using interrupts (LPTIM)

I'm attempting to use a quad encoder as user input. It is connected to the LPTIM1, so I was going to use the HAL functions with encoder mode. I want to be able to sense both the direction and amount of turn of the encoder in order to move selection ...

SMoon.2 by Associate III
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Sometimes LPTIM2 does not start when using one shot mode. I see this happened 4 years ago to another user and their question went unanswered. So I'll try. (STM32L4R5ZIT6)

// Code to start the one shot timer void set_delta_alarm(Long t) { LL_LPTIM_Enable(LPTIM2); while (0 == LL_LPTIM_IsEnabled(LPTIM2)) ; LL_LPTIM_SetAutoReload(LPTIM2, t); // * TE_SECOND / ONE_SECOND); LL_LPTIM_ClearFLAG_ARRM(LPTIM2); LL_LPTIM_Star...

RChap.1 by Associate
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