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What are Bluetooth Low Energy Packet Formats?

What are Bluetooth Low Energy Packet Formats?Summary This article details the Bluetooth LE packet formats for different applications from IoT to Automotive. 1.Link layer packet format  1.1 Bluetooth LE Protocol stack The Bluetooth LE protocol stack...

LauraCx by ST Employee
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Management of VBUS sensing for USB device design

When designing USB device, how VBUS sensing shall be managed?  From USB specification, USB device shall use VBUS sensing detection:  When host connection is detected by the device, device connects pull-up resistor either to D+ or to D- data signal, a...

How to use the STM32’s backup registers

How to use the STM32’s backup registers1. Introduction Some of the STM32 microcontrollers have backup registers. These registers can be written/read and protected and have the option of being preserved in VBAT mode when the VDD domain is powered off....

How to implement a USB device custom HID class on STM32 part2

HOW TO IMPLEMENT A USB DEVICE CUSTOM HID CLASS ON STM32? Hello and welcome back to the second and last portion! 1. RECAP  We resume from the point we left off, just to give a brief recap, in part 1  we made all the way up to the code generation wit...

How to connect to the STM32 CAN Bootloader interface?

How to connect to the STM32 CAN Bootloader interface?The bootloader inside STM32 families uses the protocol described in AN3154. It is supported by the STM32F1, F2, F4, F7, L4 series. The purpose of this article is to give a guide on how to connect ...

How to use the LPBAM feature: An example using STM32U5 board

This article provides guidelines on how to use the LPBAM feature in the STM32U5 series to allow peripherals to be autonomous and optimize the power consumption in STOP2 mode.The LPBAM stands for low-power background autonomous mode. It is an operatin...

Sarra.S by ST Employee
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Ethernet not working on STM32H7x3

The Ethernet peripheral on STM32H7x3 is not sending, or receiving data correctly. Or, the IP stack is not able to establish connection to other devices. What could be the problem?  In most cases, the problem is related to memory layout and Memory Pro...

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