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How to use FileX with eMMC for file system management

Summary This article guides you on how to use FileX, a fully compliant FAT library for media storage and file system management with eMMC. In this example, the selected hardware is an STM32U5A9-DK board featuring anintegrated eMMC card readily avail...

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How to add external libraries in STM32CubeIDE

Adding external libraries in STM32CubeIDE Summary This article shows how to integrate a library, in the form of an achieve file (*.a) in your project, so you can use the functions of the library with a simple header file.  Introduction A library can...

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How to obtain and use the STM32 96-bit UID

Working with the STM32 96-bit UID Introduction Some STM32 MCUs embed two unique identifiers: a unique 96-bit unique identifier and device ID. This article shows how to both obtain these values in your code, and describe some possible use cases for t...

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