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External Loader file not working

I am using STM32L562, we have replaced MX25LM51245G with, IS25LP128F external flash.We have integrated its driver and it is working fine. But we want to flash binary using STM32_Programmer_CLI.exe and or STM32Cube programer.For that, I have tried to ...

PYada.1 by Associate III
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STM32G030 USART and HAL_Delay strange behavior

Hello all, I've recently received a dev board for STM32G030F6 microcontroller and I wanted to make a simple USART test before continuing. I've started the project using STM32 CUBE MX initializing serial port and clock, also, I've retargeted printf as...

Which is best STM32 MCU for fast driving of GPIO

I need fastest MCU that can drive GPIO pins but not with timers or DMA, just from source. I need to take fast data from a FPGA device. One of determination is max frequency of toggling pin:I try STM32H562 to toggle pin mode max frequency is around 31...

Brussl by Associate II
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Timer 1 output pin not performing PWM

I have defined PE9 as belonging to Timer 1;I setup timer 1 as PWM as shown above.When I enable the timer, nothing happens at PE9.I tried setting force  high; no changeWhen I define PE9 as standard output forced high, it goes high.  So I know that the...

Leroy3 by Associate II
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AES for hashing

Hi, For some reason I need to use the AES engine to generate hashing either as ghash or AES-CMAC digest. Any reference could you provide to use AES engine for MAC generation. Thanks,Gopi Krishnan

Happy 2024 !

To our valued community around the world, our warmest wishes for a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year! Top 3 Contributors and superusers during 2023 for the last 6 months and the new community @TDK with 326 solutions@Tesla DeLorean 151 solution...

STOne-32 by ST Employee
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Resolved! STM32L552CC program counter after bank swapping

Hello, I'm using a STM32L552CCT6. For firmware update I want to use the dual flash bank functionality of the controller.When switching the flash banks with the option bit SWAP_BANK in register FLASH_OPTR what happens to the program counter? Is he als...

dost by Associate II
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STM32L5 or STM32U5 HID act as mouse

Hello all, I have stm32L5 and stm32U5 board and I need to act one of then as mouse but I couldn't . so could you help me to do this or send example code because I search but I don't find any example  best regards. 

rsoli.1 by Associate II
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