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RM0316 - typo in figure (FLITF)

It should be FLITF.It's also in the 3rd figure on the next page.The typo is also in RM0364, but it's corrected in RM0313.Can't these figures be redrawn so that masters are on top, and slaves on right, as is in other 'Fx RMs?JW

Resolved! MCU Programmer Adaptor

I am using STM32F302R6T6 MCU. I'm making a board. I will communicate with the MCUs via the I2C protocol. I am designing a card with a Master-Slave structure. Can I program the MCU if I add SDA, SCL, +5V, and GND pins to the board and connect them to ...

bngstskn by Associate II
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Resolved! External DAC with SPI + DMA

HiI am trying to make an analog synthesizer, and for this is using a STM32G431 with some 8-channel DAC’s (connected via SPI) for generating control-voltages for the VCA’s and other circuits.I would like to use the SPI with DMA, and have looked at the...

decalvus by Associate II
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Resolved! Timer compare function interrupt not triggered sometimes

Hi everyone, I meet a problem and I'm not sure it's MCU issue or I program not proper.I meet this issue both on the STM8 and STM32 MCUs.I enable TIM_2 Ch1 as input to capture the signal and TIM_2 Ch2 as output to do the compare function. void init_TI...

Joey_Duh by Associate II
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Resetting DMA memory pointer for USART TX

Hi,I'm using USART with DMA to transmit a fixed sized packet message from master to slave, and have the slave send back a fixed size response.   I have a freeRTOS enabled.  I have DMA setup in circular mode, and set the buffer size to twice the size ...

LMorr.3 by Senior
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Standalone MCU Application - Unable to Flash F103

Hey, I am currently trying to get my own hardware to run on STM32 Microcontrollers. In this case, I am using a F103RET6, LQFP64 package. It is being used with very improvised hardware, as a proof of concept only. The layout looks like so, made in Kic...

gatmt_0-1693909074563.png gatmt_1-1693909456365.png gatmt_2-1693909488186.png gatmt_3-1693909557441.png
gatmt by Associate II
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Hi,I want to use input capture mode with high resolution timer(HRTIM) on stm32f334r8 microprocessor. I am sending a pulse signal over the oscilloscope. I use one of the External Event Input pins for this. I want to capture the rising edges of the pul...

Leylifer by Associate II
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Resolved! How to use Timers ?

Hi, I'm learning how to use timers by following digikey's tutorial : Getting Started with STM32 and Nucleo Part 6: Timers and Timer Interrupts | Digi-Key Electronics - YouTubeHowever at 9:41 in the video I don't understand the code : // If enough tim...

Gnahore by Associate III
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