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STM32F302R8 ADC injected configuration weirdness

I'm seeing strange behavior trying to write to the ADC1_JSQR register. This register controls the channel sequence and the trigger source of injected conversions. After enabling the ADC (ADEN=1), a write to bits 7:0 (JEXTEN, JEXTSEL & JL) locks out f...

tld by Associate
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Hello,I'm working on a cutom made board controlled by an STM32F303ZET, I figured out that I forgot to pull up D+ for USB communication, even doing it externally keep showing me this error. I tried to pull up the D+ using 3.3V directly and also by pul...


Keeping data on multiple STM32s in Sync

Hello,I need guidance on how to best implement a packet protocol to keep the data on multiple STM32F373 in sync with each other.  If possible, I would like to reach a 'refresh rate' of 30ms.  Packet payloads for data refreshed could be up to 50 bytes...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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Resolved! STM32F303 PWM generation TIM1_CH3

Hi,I'm having trouble getting PWM output on my STM32F303. I'm using CubeMX for pin config, then generating for Make for use with VSCode on Ubuntu. TIM1_CH3 has been configured for PWM output on PC2, and TIM1_CH2 on PC1. CH2 works as expected, while C...

kristblo by Associate II
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STM32F303R8T6 - ADC + DMA not working

Hello Team ST, I am working on ADC setup using DMA, where upon the conversion completion the ADC values shall be transfered to memory using DMA. The ADC and DMA configurations are as shown in snap below.The DMA settings are as follows.The initializat...

vdd_0-1708598701480.png vdd_1-1708598760690.png vdd_2-1708598845789.png
vdd by Associate II
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Master Assigning Unique IDs to Slave SPI Devices

Hi,I have successfully setup SPI between a master to many slave STM32F373s.  I include an 8 bit deviceID in the packet header and the master always initiates the request.I am looking for the best way for the master to assign unique device IDs.  I'm c...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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Resolved! Single USB Host to Multiple USB Virtual Ports

Hello,I have an STM32F373 and have successfully enabled a USB virtual com port.I currently send data packets from a PC host to the slave device and include a 'deviceId' in the packet data header.I would  like to support the single PC host communicati...

LMorr.3 by Senior II
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