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LIBC Thread Safe support in IAR with FreeRTOS

HiI'm looking for the implementation of these functions for enabling thread safe support in libc within IAR:typedef void iar_Rmtx; /* Lock info object */void __iar_system_Mtxinit(iar_Rmtx *); / Initialize a systemlock /void iar_system_...

deckhard by Associate III
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STM32H743: misaligned LR register

What would cause the LR register to be misaligned?I occasionally get an UNALIGNED exception running Ethernet (lwIP). I suspect the DMA but I implemented as it is in the example and the

rammit by Senior
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Only current thread is shown in debug window

I have a project for STM32F3 using FreeRTOS.During debug, when I pause execution or a breakpoint is hit, stack trace info is only displayed for the currently executing thread, not all of my threads.However, if I look at the FreeRTOS task List, inform...

MButsch by Associate III
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Bug: Breakpoint in ISR fails (Atollic)

Background: Atollic 9.1, F429 Nucleo with Segger debug stub loaded.CubeMX-generated FreeRTOS application.Trying to debug an LwIP problem, but breakpoint does not operate properly.When the breakpoint is hit in an ISR (FreeRTOS idle, no active task),th...

Error when using vPortFree(ptr) CMSIS-RTOS on STM32F4

I will need to handle dynamic memory using malloc and free. Looking on FreeRTOS documentation, I found pvPortMalloc(size) and vPortFree(ptr) , pvPortMalloc(size) works fine. When try to release memory using vPortFree(ptr) inside a Thread, the code ...

MGado by Associate
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Resolved! FreeRTOS debugging: Where am I?

I'm trying to debug a 429 FreeRTOS app using LwIP, which periodically has a huge (1.5 second) delay whilst trying to pump out messages. Using Atollic 9.1.0, Segger debug code on Nucleo-429ZI board. I can stop the application when it pauses, but the F...