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Resolved! Dual-Bank Code Execution and OTA (STM32L073RZ)

Hi dear experts,I want to know is there a way to only program Bank2 and run the firmware from it? I manage to program Bank2 and set the BFB2=1 but i cant get the firmware to run. Am i making a mistake by not programming the Bank1 at all? i should men...

Resolved! Help with load & Executing Code into Stm32 mcu Ram

I have both STM32F1038T6 and STM32F401CC. I have been trying to get a code to run from ram for days now. Im using arduino ide with stm32duino.  i first create a buffer in ram with malloc then  copy the code to the buffer using memcpy. The code is in ...

KeiKei by Associate
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Resolved! STM32U5A5: DCache as "memory"?

My question might sound "strange" for HW experts.My STM32U5A5 MCU has DCache (16KByte). Datasheet says: used when external memory is connected (e.g. NAND/NOR flash, OCTOSPI).DCache is not used for internal memory (when running from MCU flash or inter...

tjaekel by Senior
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Jump to System bootloader: does not stay inside

It has been asked several times, however I can not find a working solution for me.With STM32L486RGT6 I achieved to implement jump to bootloader, entering DFU mode successfully. All fine!Doing it similar for STM32L071CZY6TR and STM32F469VE it does not...

Led by Senior
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STM32G473QET6 Dual Bank/Boot Mode Question

I am having some issues implementing dual bank/boot.I have set up a dummy project starting at base address 0x08000000 for 256k bytes that will turn on a red LEDI have another dummy project starting at base address 0x08040000 for 256k bytes that will ...

kip18 by Associate II
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Flash memory erase

I am using STM32L476RGT6. I am trying to read and write operation in the embedded flash memory. I am unable to erase the stored data in the embedded flash memory. I am following method to erase :FLASH_EraseInitTypeDef EraseInitStruct; HAL_FLASH_Unloc...