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Resolved! STM32H7 RM0399 Rev4 FDCAN Typos?

Looks to me like the FDCAN peripheral has a few registers that are marked 'r' when they are likely 'rw' in the RM. They are the registers that configure the size of the FDCAN messages. This isn't blocking my work; only thought the ST team should know...

Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 09.13.44.png Screenshot 2024-02-29 at 09.13.55.png

USB to CAN interface

Hello ST community, I'm working on an interface board based on STM32F412 to send CAN frame from a computer using USB communication. For the moment I'm doing some tests with the CDC stack and the default ST's USB virtual com port driver on Windows 10....

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H723 FDCAN1 and FDCAN2

Hi there,I am using two STM32H723ZGT communicating via FDCAN2 instance (FDCAN, no bit rate switch, 12500 bit/s). Both controller use the same FDCAN initialization code, but different filter IDs.As shown below, the message is transfered on receiver CA...

2024-02-13 14_52_36-Logic 2 [Logic - Connected] [Session 0].png
PGrif.2 by Associate II
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Resolved! Some of CAN packet have trouble.

Hello. I am developing CAN communication protocols using STM32F429.However there is a problem in sending CAN frame data. Here is a picture which I captured in CAN TX using logic analyzer, and as you can see, the series of data is losted after first d...

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Resolved! How do I set correct stdID for CAN-BUS?

Hi! I've seen some tutorials on can communication and notice that each of them use different StdId's. I'm using two nucle-l433rc-p boards, do I need a specific StdId or will any number between  0 and 0x7FF suffice?  

Mr4 by Associate II
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Resolved! FDCAN g431 doesn't filter

Hello, i'm testing FDCAN in my stm32g431 and it doesn't work well. Messeges goes throught it, even if ID doesn't match (TxHeader.Identifier = 0x102 shouldn't pass, but it does!) static void MX_FDCAN1_Init(void){hfdcan1.Instance = FDCAN1;hfdcan1.Init....

Tomuello by Associate II
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MCUs: We want your knowledge base suggestions!

Dear community members,We invite you to provide your suggestions for knowledge base articles in this thread. We strive to create articles that can assist or inspire you in the best possible way. Anything goes, the only condition is that it is related...

Resolved! STM32H743VI FDCAN didn't works as classical CAN

Hello, I have some trouble with FDCAN.Please let me know what is wrong with my settings. 1. Current problem: My STM32H7 transmit only error. (Logic Analyzer) (PCAN View)Same error signal repeat endless and if I connect PCAN, many other error and stuf...

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LSH by Associate II
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Resolved! high speed fdcan stm32g431

Hi, i'm dealing with fdcan and have problems with high speeds, 1Mbps works good, but 8Mbps (which works in loopback mode) doesn't, I tried with delay compensation, but didn't work, or maybe i used it wrong way? static void MX_FDCAN1_Init(void){ /* US...

Tomuello by Associate II
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