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Hi all,I wanted to make a post to shine some light on how to configure the HRTIM DMA on the STM32F3348-DISCO (and probably other ICs w/ HRTIM capabilities).A few posts I've seen have boasted the same solution, but have convoluted the use of a single ...


STM32G474 HRTimer, Dead time And Duty Cycle

Hi all! Hoping someone can help me with this. Right now, I have Timer A and Timer B as my main outputs; Timer A controls one set of switches in my half bridge, and Timer B controls the other half. I have one "mode" set, where I can adjust the phase s...

Jbin0101 by Associate II
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Resolved! HRTIM burst DMA doesn't work

Hallo,I want to update MASTER CMP1 over DMA and the others TIM_x on MASTER-update.New values of CMPx registry are calculated in SysTick_Handler() and should be updated at once.The problem is: MASTER update on DMA does not work.Could anyone please loo...

DrDro by Associate III
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Resolved! HRTIM STM32H743 for 3-phase control - shadowing register

Hallo there,I use HRTIM_MASTER to retrigger HRTIM A,B;C and to trigger ADC. This works fine.Each of slave timers generate PWM signals. I works also good.As the data from ADC is ready I do recalculation of PWM duty for all 3 channels. And there is an ...

DrDro by Associate III
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HRTIM variable PWM glitch on STM32F334R8

Hi,I'm generating a variable duty PWM on HRTIM1, Timer A, unit 1. It is configured to 500 kHz, with a 217 ps resolution.I want to update the duty value every 50 kHz. It works, but on some steps, the duty glitches to high state (it seems that the comp...

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MCris.4 by Associate II
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Linearity of HRTim Compare

Hello together,when inspecting the behaviour of the HRTimer regarding the compare output, I found that with Clk multiplier 32, there is a non-linearity in the compare timing (stepwidth) of about +150 ps (330 ps step instead of 180 ps between adjacent...

pv_he by Associate
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Unable to set HRTIM PWM duty cycle

I am trying to use the HRTIM peripheral on the STM32Hh753VI as a PWM generator with variable duty cycle. I want to use Timer B1 on pin PC8.Firstly, I tried using Simple HAL functions:HAL_HRTIM_SimplePWMStart(&hhrtim, HRTIM_TIMERINDEX_TIMER_B, HRTIM_O...

JTeun.1 by Associate II
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Missing HRTIM specification for STM32H742/3

Hello,STM32H742/3 datasheet April 2021 DS12110 Rev 8 does not list a HRTIM specifications as e.g. STM32G474 datasheet DS12288 Rev 6 does in section  5.3.16 High-resolution timer (HRTIM). Please provide the data. Best regards