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Resolved! How to adjust Compare Value in HRTIM Basic PWM

Hello,currently I am using the NUCLEO-G474RE and the goal is to output a PWM signal simulating a sinewave. Therefore the duty cycle must continuously be adjusted.My issue is that I seemingly cannot do so.The Timer is configured as Timer D, TD1 output...

Matt1234 by Associate II
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Resolved! Is there a possibility to read the HRTIM timer value ?

Hello,I'm planning to use the STM32G474 to read a pulse width. This width is a delay value in nanoseconds.I'm wondering if there is any possibility to use the High resolution timer (HRTIM) for that operation.I would use the events to trigger a rising...

Sidius by Associate II
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Resolved! How to settings HRTIM and TIM1 is synchronized

Hi.I use the STM32G474.To start TIM1 synchronized with HRTIM, I will use "hrtim_out_sync".I have a question.If I use "hrtim_out_sync", Can I start TIM1 at same time and reset ?I want to set a same frequency for HRTIM and TIM1 and start simultaneously...

smiya.2 by Associate II
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I am using hrtim to trigger the adc, but if the regular channel is not triggered with hrtim, it doesn't go into the interrupt of the ADC properly, I checked a lot of information and didn't find a solution, here is my code and cubemx configuration: N...

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iskan by Associate II
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Hello everyone ,I have a Project where i wish to have a 8Mhz PWM pulse. For this i use the HRTIM timer at 4.9Ghz with a period of 600I have my PWM output but it seems that i can't set 0% duty cycle ? in fact duty cycle seems to not work between 0% & ...

PJFIXER by Associate
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Do HRTIM faults respect configured deadtime?

HiAssume that i set up an H-bridge and and control it via the HRTIM block and use the build in deadtime features. I then also enable a couple of faults. The bridges safe state will be to set both lower transistors to be OFF and the two upper once to ...

Stm32h7 HRtim input capture ability

Can I measure low pulse duration(>10ns) using the STM32H Hrtim?Hi all,I'm new to STM32H7 development. So I'm hoping to get some help to start.I need to measure pulse duration in 5- nanoseconds resolution or less. I then need to transfer the measured ...

Burakgvl by Associate II
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Re: STM32H747XI - What are Timer Channels?

I can build a “timer” using a counter with “decoder” circuitry to create an output signal at a specific time after starting the counter...Alternately, after each clock to the counter, the counters output value could be compared to some register value...

Will_iii by Associate II
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HRTIM Deadtime not correct with external event

 I am creating a power supply that uses the HRTIM.The setup has minimum on time, minimum off time, and deadtimes.The minimum off time is defined as the time between the period and compare 1The minimum on time is between Compare1 + rising deadtime and...

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photon by Associate
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