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I am using nucleo491re MCU  to communicate with tca9537 GPIO-Expander . I want to use GPIO  for on/off  in tca9537 based on i2c . IN tca9537 I have four resister 1. Input(read) address( 0x01) 2.output (read/write) address(0x02) 3.polarity address( 0x...

ishu by Associate II
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STM32H743ZI Bizzare behavior from I2C with Reload = 1

Hi everyone, Trying to create an eeprom API based on the AT24CM01 ASIC chip. I got the Byte write working no problem, however the IC is capable of doing sequential writes up to 256 bytes. The way I am doing this is setting the 'RELOAD' value within t...

CLeo.1 by Senior II
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GT911 stucks/freezes in multitouch.

Hello Community,I'm using GT911 with STM32F746 over I2C. I have noticed some time it stucks when multi touch is used (very few times in single touch as well). Upon debugging I noticed a change of voltage level of Interrupt pin.In working state, INT p...

KAgga.1 by Associate III
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Resolved! CHOOSE MCU

Hi.I work on BMS. I want a master-slave topology. I want to use 300 slave cards and 1 master card. This BMS is for automotive. I check ST MCU. I guess, The card should be 10-bit I2C. Because I want 300 Slave cards. So, Can you Help me this subject? W...

bngstskn by Associate II
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AMS5812 I2C Sensor Holding I2C3 Bus on STM32F407G-DISC1

I am trying to implement LCD and AMS5812 Sensor on I2C3 Bus,But AMS5812 I2C sensor is holding the I2C bus and preventing further scanning STM32F407G Discovery board.  /*-[ I2C Bus Scanning ]-*/ HAL_UART_Transmit(&huart2, (uint8_t *)StartMSG, s...

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asking by Associate II
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HAL I2C no HAL_TIMEOUT Status when Timeout Reached

After inspecting blocking I2C functions from HAL libraries I found that apparently I2C blocking functions don't return "HAL_TIMEOUT" status if timeout is reached during I2C transfer. The following function does the work of verifying whether timeout w...

I2C sensor on USART 2 Serial communication

Hello, I am using the embedded coder support package in simulink to interface with my onboard MEMS acceleration sensor (LSM303AGR) on my STM32F411VET discovery board. I could successfully connect and run simple LED program through USART2 on simulink ...

Resolved! I2C Master_Transmit error because of NAK

My setup is as follows: I have a NUCLEO-H563ZI with an STM32H563ZIT6 and I am communicating through I2C with the 6D IMU, ISM330DCL. Moreover the ISM330DCL is on the STEVAL-MKI182V2.My I2C-bus is very confusing. First I get everything set up exactly a...


Resolved! Problem with 24LC64 EEPROM

Hi,I have a problem with an 24LC64 EEPROM, it is not a bad chip because i have tried 2 on diffrent boards. I am using the STM32G0B0  This are my I2C settings:I am using this libary : only get 255 ba...