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Resolved! STM32U595ZJT6Q USB not initializing

I'm trying to work with USB on STM32U595ZJT6Q (with SMPS)Ref Clock Selection under USB_OTG_HS is set to 16MHzOTS HS Clock Mux is set to HSE (the board has 16MHz crystal)CubeMX 6.11STM32Cube_FW_U5_V1.5.0The code is stuck in USB_CoreReset, more specifi...

SYako by Associate III
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STM32U585 PWR_WKUP from STOP Mode

Hello,I am using the STM32U585 along with two sensors in a project and I need some help. I want to run my MCU in stop 3 mode primarily and have one of the sensors generate an interrupt on the PWR_WKUP pin of the MCU to return to normal mode and start...

stm32u5 start up time too long

Hello, ST expert CubeMX generated software framework is used for our STM32U595VJT6 based hardware design. It works well but for the low start up time. It takes almost 1 second between 3.3V is stable and the flag GPIO turns high in MX_GPIO_Init. Is th...

Using an STM32U585QII3 for camera surveying

Hi, I'm working on a project for wildlife surveying, the project details are that we need to have a camera surveying an area where it will capture an image every 10s, then store data on an SD card. The system will be running for 2 weeks, and idle whe...

Resolved! NUCLEO-U575ZI DMA->DAC doesn't work (USEF)

Hello everybody! I have a sine-wave array, that I throw to the DAC, triggering it by TIM6. When the TIM6 interrupt routine is responsible for supplying samples - everything works fine, but when I try to use DMA nothing works. The DMA keeps spitting t...

Skfir by Associate III
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Resolved! Switch off VREFBUF on STM32U5

Is it possible to switch  VREFBUF clock off after configuration for power save? So the clock is off and the buffer is providing Vref.In DS there is no mention about it (e.g OPAMP has this note).

I2C Slave Receive in DMA mode on STM32U575 series

Hi,I'm attempting to set up an STM32U575 as an I2C slave. (The master is a F301)My problem is that the slave only receives one byte, and then proceeds to disregard all of the following data.I have set up a switch that turns on an RGB LED, depending o...

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