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Resolved! What is USART CTS latency?

I am starting a product design tentatively using the STM32F072RBT6.I want to determine how soon the CTS input must go low to prevent the USART from transmitting the next byte.Even informed opinion would be appreciated; but a reference to documentatio...

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Remote wakeup on STM32F0

Trying to implement a composite HID device on STM32F042 (or maybe STM32F072 as both Flash and RAM usage seem insane), starting from the MX mouse middleware. After much scratching around it's finally working as a mouse and keyboard and I now need to a...

NTC-Temperature Sensor

I used STM32F072C8T6.ADC - IN0, IN1 set.An application that measures temperature with an NTC temperature sensor.​   ​PullUp resistance 10K was connected to Vdd (3.29V) and PA0, PA1..When the HAL_ADC_Start_DMA function is executed, the voltage of ADC ...

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hwm by Associate
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ADC differences at an STM32F071V8Tx

Hi, we use 12 ADC channels to measure temperatures in a smart home project. The system clock of the STM32F071V8Tx is configured at 48 MHz. Due to the slow temperature curve, we use the longest sampling time. We have taken a conversion table from a da...

albreco by Associate
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Resolved! TFT Screen Library in STM32CubeIDE.

Dear Experts,I have 4 inch RPI LCD 480x320 SPI based on the ILI9486 display driver. Like inside ArduinoIDE, there is a Library manager where we can find so many TFT-LCD libraries with STM32 board support, Is there a common place to find libraries for...

YashJ by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F030F4 with 32K of flash?

Hello! I am experimenting with a STM32F030F4P6. When I connect it to STM32CubeProgrammer via bootoader (UART), there is an info saying the micro has 32Kb of flash, instead of the expected 16Kb for this part.Is it possible that this microcontroller re...

Castelo by Associate II
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Resolved! Automatically entering and exiting bootloader

Is there a way to make STM32Cube Programmer controls a pair of pins in a CH340 or similar USB to TTL converter, to be able to control BOOT0 and NRST pins of an StM32 micro? I would like to make  a simple circuit that permits entering and exiting a bo...

Castelo by Associate II
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Resolved! What is VDDA_Charac on the STM32F072?

Apologies if I've missed something simple (and I probably have!), but I'm trying to convert ADC readings on the STM32F072 into actual millivolts and I cannot seem to put all the pieces together.Where I am currently stuck is the formula at the top of ...

BWKidd by Associate II
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