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TSC problem when enabling Vdda

Hi,I'm developing a project based on the STM32U535VET, in which I have 12 touch buttons and a TFT display.Starting condition:I'm in a situation in which I'm reading the TSC channels and I'm having some "analog" problems. If the Vdda isn't enabled, th...

TSL library stateIDs

Hello everybody,I am trying to work with STM32F042G6 with TSL library but have some issues I hope that I made some minor mistake but I think I tried everíthing.I can't get stable detection when touching.I tried to copy a sample project but it was jus...

TSC Example

I am a begginer in the st enviroment, but still. I'm trying to use the touch sensing library, but there is very little good examples of how to just use one button as a sensor. I real all the documentation, still no good examples. I downloaded the lib...

mihaheh by Associate
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No TSC option from MCU finder & CubeMX ?

Hi, Dear ST teamSeems I can find filters about ADC/timer/UART..., but no filter for touch sensor?Can we add this for new versions of MCU finder and cubeMX ?, it's useful and important for me Thank you Best regards

allenQ by Associate
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Resolved! TSC not working STM32F042

Hello everybody, I designed a touch sensor whith the STM32F042 MCU but after a week of constant testing and experimenting still not working. First the problem was that the TSC always get in the too much count error, after I thought that maybe the cap...

Resolved! Capacitive touch sensors with STM32L4+ series

Hello everyone,I plan to use an STM32L4R7xx MCU in a project and I want to employ capacitive touch sensors. I've read that the TSC module can assist with this, and I should only design the buttons on the PCB. However, I've also read that water and hu...

WPazH by Associate II
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Resolved! Touc sense

Dear Sir.I migrated the code of TSV_BasicAcquisition_Interrupt to my board .The IO rae different than the exampleExample Custom Board,PC7 PB6PC6 PB5PB13 PB12PB14 PB13I keep getting HAL_TSC_ErrorCallback,How...