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Resolved! STM32L433 VREFINT_CAL Value

Hello,I'm trying to work with the ADC of the STM32L433 microcontroller. The Reference manual (RM0394) on page 448 it says : The following formula gives the actual VDDA voltage supplying the device:VDDA = 3.0 V x VREFINT_CAL / VREFINT_DATAWhere can I ...

RStra by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32H7 RM0399 Rev4 FDCAN Typos?

Looks to me like the FDCAN peripheral has a few registers that are marked 'r' when they are likely 'rw' in the RM. They are the registers that configure the size of the FDCAN messages. This isn't blocking my work; only thought the ST team should know...

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Zephyr B_U585I_IOT02A BLE examples timeout and crash

I'm trying to run a few of Zephyr's BLE examples on the B_U585I_IOT02A development board.   I have tried the beacon, peripheral, and peripheral_csc examples.   These BLE examples all work properly on a Nordic nRF52840 dev board.Zephyr's blinky exampl...

'H7 infographics: SMPS in 'H725?

DS says otherwise - that SMPS is available in *all* packages for 'H725: To me it appears that it's the infographics which is wrong. Wasn't the footnote supposed to go into some other sub-family?JW

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STM32G473 BFB2 Not Working

BFB2 Set, but never enter Bank2 program.Boot0 = 0Boot1 = 1I can run the 2 programs from cubeide in there respective locations and ISR work when BFB2 is set for the BANK I am debugging in. However I never enter BANK2 program on resetting/powercycling ...

kip18 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32U5A5: DCache as "memory"?

My question might sound "strange" for HW experts.My STM32U5A5 MCU has DCache (16KByte). Datasheet says: used when external memory is connected (e.g. NAND/NOR flash, OCTOSPI).DCache is not used for internal memory (when running from MCU flash or inter...

tjaekel by Senior
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