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LNB Efficiency

Using the STEVAL-LNBH06 I am not able to achieve 93% efficiency as stated in the data sheet. Please advise why this might be.inout voltage: 12Vload: 43ohm power resistor for each channel (draw 420mA per channel)measured input power: 20.4Woutput power...

JAlex2 by Associate
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Hello Everyone!I think it's a weird question, however, I am new to NUCLEO-H743ZI2.  Actually, I am facing the issue of low-speed data transfer from MCU to PC (LabVIEW). Before, I was using programming and debugging USB ports to transfer data to LabVI...


Hi,We are currently working on retimer board for internal purpose, we are using M24M02-DRCS6TP/K EEPROM IC in our design. Actually we are facing difficulties in choosing device slave address. In below attached image, how to choose the MSB address bit...


LIN transceiver

Hi team,Is there any transceiver that has 2 channels and is ISO14230 or ISO9141 compatible? The most important is that this transceiver must supports 24 V in VBB pin (vehicle batery). Also is important that there is a level changer internally.

Aarong by Associate
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L9369 getting voltage from SH1, SH2

Hello. ST team.i'm using L9369's voltage measurement function.i read L9369 manual, and i send below SPI commands(no.0~6) for initial driving.(my purpose is to drive FET : HS1 A, B ON / LS2 A,B ON)00xb5019ff810xb5a15fef20xb720b54d30xb480aa9840x40a0000...

ldong.1 by Associate II
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Capacitive SENSOR with STM32

Hello to everyone. I am trying to see the data via I2C with the capacitive sensor (FDC2214-Q1),but I see the values I have assigned as 0 in live experiment.I'm sure about the hardware part. I would be happy if you help.  /* Private define -----------...

MDaya.2 by Associate II
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