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Resolved! MSC with sd card configuration

I'm encountering an issue while attempting to configure my STM3240G-EVAL board to function as a “Mass Storage Device” with a microSD as Storage.I used the MX configurator and followed tutorials but encountered the same issue every time. I can compile...

newbie by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H7 SD Card maximum writing rate

Hi Everyone,I use SDMMC on my STM32H7 to write data on SD Card. I have several question :- for now I can't reach better rates than 12Mo/s writing, using 32Ko buffers and with the stm32 doing only that. Is that normal? I think I should reach the 25Mo/...

Resolved! How to run SDMMC1 with 1.8V

Hello Dear all, I want to run my STM32L452ret6 with 1.8V and use SDMMC1 module. I can use SDMMC1 with 3.3V and 50k pull ups without problems, but when I run the MCU with 1.8V and use TXB0104RGY for shifting voltaghe to 3.3 it dose not work as expecte...

HHako.1 by Associate III
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SDIO timeout in ReadBlocks/WriteBlocks looks bogus

currently I'm implementing a sdio device in mbed-os for STM32F4. This is using the HAL and I had problems with setting the timeout for Read/Write Blocks.This line looks bad for me:

JojoS by Associate III
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STM32U575 MMC operation issue

Hi,I need help on MMC operations.My project is using STM32U575 to access MMC chip (EMMC16G-IB29). It uses SDMMC1  on 4B bus (MMC 4bit wide bus). The U575 is running on 90MHz. The initialization sub is: static void MX_SDMMC1_MMC_Init(void){hmmc1.Insta...

hguan by Associate III
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Getting TXUNDERR while writing data to eMMC

Hello -> We are using a custom board with STM32H745 controller and 8GB eMMC communicated with sdmmc. -> getting SDMMC_FLAG_TXUNDERR bit after writing 64 bytes to eMMC. But i am giving 1k buffer array to write. -> eMMC initialization, reading logic bl...

Srikanth1 by Associate III
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Resolved! Connecting eMMC to SDMMC1 on the STM32H7

Hi.I am using SDMMC1-eMMC(16GB), SDMMC2-SD Card connected on a custom board.Both eMMCs and SD-Cards use FatFS as their file system.Both work fine when used alone.However, if you use f_open or f_write on FatFS on eMMC, you sometimes get an error and t...

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