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How to use printf/scanf in both cores using SWO?

I have the M7 core running and printing debug messages to the IAR Workbench terminal, and also have the M4 doing something similar. My probem is that I get a hard fault in the M4 core if the its printtf messages are included in the build. If I don...

Resolved! Release Firmware vs. Debug Firmware Behaving Differently

I have noticed lately that when switching between my release and debug build configurations that the code behaves differently. Looking at the Project Build Settings the only difference I see between the two is the Release GCC and G++ compilers are op...

Jaboop by Associate II
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Resolved! Hardfault randomly when I do sprintf

Hello everyone,I'm developing a firmware for an STM32F767 and I have a problem that happens randomly and I can't figure out why. From what I could analyze looking at the stack I think the problem comes when doing a sprintf and I have the hypothesis t...

Nickjmas by Associate III
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Firmware does not work if not debugging

Hello, i would like to post a problem that i have: i have a custom STM32H755BI (dual core) board that i usually flash with CubeIDE and i debug. Unortunatelly i noticed that the board works fine, but if i reboot the board and i connect with a j-link s...

halbeeee by Associate II
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Resolved! debug when using visual com port

Hi,My application will use intensively use Virtual Com Port to exchange datas from my board to the PC. I would like to make sure that debugging through STLink is still possible as i will be exchanging datas. Does St Link use the same USB port for deb...

FMaup.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32H747IGT6 Flash read leading to hardfault

Hi,We have written the data in Flash Bank 2 sector 7 successfully. Power cycled the board and trying to read the stored data from Flash Bank 2 sector 7 and found Hadrdfault error at 64th byte.-> The data stored in the form of char.-> Using HAL librar...

SH.3 by Associate
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