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Resolved! How to use the HAL I3C Library

HelloI'm using NUCLEO-H503 to make an I3C master, and I have some issues.1. I sent the ENTDAA command for I3C communication, but it does not go to HAL_I3C_STATE_READY.The code written after several attempts is as follows.HAL_I3C_Ctrl_DynAddrAssign(&h...

sh.lee by Associate II
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Private read of I3C target

hello:I have a question about I3C private read when I use STM32H563 as a target.Usually, the number of bytes returned by the target can be set through LL_I3C_ConfigTxPreload, but if the target is uncertain about  how many bytes to return, that is, th...

Garry by Associate II
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STM32H5 I3C dynamic address assignment

hi:I have two NUCLEO-H563ZI EVB boards  and tried to implement I3C controller and target feature.When ENTDAA was issued, I obtained the target 48-bit provisioned ID "0x020813810100" from waveform, I saw the description from I3C register  I3C_EPIDR ,i...

Garry by Associate II
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Resolved! Some I3C Speed Rates are not available?

Hi,I am working with  STM32H5RBT6U:How do I calculate the frequency of the I3C Controller? Is there documentation to cover the content?I tried using CubeMX to set the frequency, but strangely, all the frequencies work fine except 3~5MHz. The exceptio...

taylor_quan_1-1697423865215.png taylor_quan_0-1697423823825.png taylor_quan_3-1697424211112.jpeg

STM32H5 Can't initialize i3c device BMI323

I am working off of the example I3C_Controller_ENTDAA_IT for the STM32H5 series to initialize a device (BMI323 IMU). I am hitting an error handler at the HAL_I3C_ErrorCallback before it tries to add the device on the bus.The SER value at the HAL_I3C_...

wyatt-m by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H503RB I3C Target TX-FIFO Size Question

I am using NUCLEO-H503RB as I3C Target with LL library.What's the minimum size of TX-FIFO available when I3C Target is reading by Controller?I setup I3C Target TX-FIFO using function "LL_I3C_ConfigTxPreload" with 1 byte, but it always runs 8 bytes pe...

Tx-FIFO.png FIFO-Sram.png I3C_Read_Test.png