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Resolved! How to use the HAL I3C Library

HelloI'm using NUCLEO-H503 to make an I3C master, and I have some issues.1. I sent the ENTDAA command for I3C communication, but it does not go to HAL_I3C_STATE_READY.The code written after several attempts is as follows.HAL_I3C_Ctrl_DynAddrAssign(&h...

sh.lee by Associate
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STM32H5 Can't initialize i3c device BMI323

I am working off of the example I3C_Controller_ENTDAA_IT for the STM32H5 series to initialize a device (BMI323 IMU). I am hitting an error handler at the HAL_I3C_ErrorCallback before it tries to add the device on the bus.The SER value at the HAL_I3C_...

wyatt-m by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H503RB I3C Target TX-FIFO Size Question

I am using NUCLEO-H503RB as I3C Target with LL library.What's the minimum size of TX-FIFO available when I3C Target is reading by Controller?I setup I3C Target TX-FIFO using function "LL_I3C_ConfigTxPreload" with 1 byte, but it always runs 8 bytes pe...

Tx-FIFO.png FIFO-Sram.png I3C_Read_Test.png

Resolved! How to configure I3C port on NUCLEO-H503

Hello.I'm trying to make an I3C Master device using the NUCLEO-H503 board.I am trying to implement GPIO by directly controlling, without using HAL Library.However, I3C port uses both Open Drain and Push pull,Is it possible to implement this function ...

sh.lee by Associate
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Resolved! STM32H503RB I3C Target Address NAK Problem

I am using EVB NUCLEO-H503RB with I3C Target feature. I have successfully assign a dynamic address (0x50) to this I3C Target: However, I could not get ACK from this Target with Address 0x50:   Below are my configure, is there anything missing for res...

kh_placeholder.png kh_placeholder.png kh_placeholder.png

Resolved! STM32H503RB I3C private communication

Hi all.   I tried to communicate(private) with my I3C slave device using STM32H503RB board. To communicate with my device, I need to specify register address to write/read data. i.e. Frame = (Start with Slave ID w/ W=0) + (register address w/ W=0) + ...

GLee.16 by Associate
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