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STM32 Muxed FMC reference schematic

Hi,I'm working on a hardware design using the STM32F765VIH and I am trying to connect a MT28EW128ABA1HPC-0SIT NOR Flash and IS66WVH16M8DBLL-100B1LI PSRAM to the FMC in muxed mode. I'm struggling to understand how the muxed connection should be made a...

gosal by Associate III
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Are there any documentations about FSMC layout?

I am now designing a board for STM32F103VET6 and would like to use the FSMC to control the TFT LCD (320x480 resolution)May I ask if there are any notes or guides that mention the layout requirements? Such as what conductor impedance should the data l...

OW1TY2 by Associate II
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LTDC double layer and double buffering + SDRAM

Hello,i have TFT with resolution 800x480 @ 24bpp connected to the STM32F767BIT6 with external SDRAM IS42S16400J-7TL.The MCU is running on 216MHz, thus FMC on 108MHz, SDRAM as CAS latency = 2 and LTDC pixel clock 19,2MHz(able to run on 24MHz too) with...

Petr3 by Associate III
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SSD1963 Initialization

I am trying to get a 7" LCD to interface with a STM32F407VET6 microcontroller. I am using a display from winstar which the product number is WF70A2TIFGDBT0. The screen is 800x480 pixels and uses 8080 interface. The display uses a SSD1963 driver and I...

PSRAM Issue with STM32L4R9 Discovery Kit

Hi,Currently I am working with STM32L4R9 Discovery kit. The connected PSRAM model with this board is IS66WV1M16EBLL-55BLI. Using HAL functions, I can only write and read up to 16 bit data (i.e. unsigned integer 8 bit (uint8_t) and uint16_t). Other da...

SSG by Associate II
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STM32F767 LTDC dual layer and external SDRAM

Hello,i have custom made board assembled by STM32F767BIT6 and external SDRAM IS42S16400 for video buffers.The MCU runs at maximum speed 216MHz. LTDC seems to work fine bud when i use dual layer, the second layer seems that reading from external SDRAM...

Petr3 by Associate III
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Resolved! Screen flickering while using TFT-LCD with LTDC

Hi.A custom board was built using the STM32H753XI. The board contains 16MB SDRAM and we want to use it with an LTDC to display a screen on a TFT-LCD.I used the embedded wizard to create the UI and verified that it displays correctly on the LCD screen...

LCD-Timing.png Clock.png