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Ho to add own piece of code in to the make file?

It's possible to add my own piece of code to the make file? I'm asking because I've already tried to add it, but after clicking the "Build" button, my code disappears!PS - I want to add "Generate packed filesystem for serving Web UI".

DK.7 by Senior
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SPI NSS/CS when working with registers and DMA

Hello, i've been trying to get SPI working in conjunction in DMA.But with "bare metal register implementation" i can't even get the NSS working properly. The Stm32F730 needs to hold NSS/Chip Select high all the time, except for when communicating wit...

Choosing right CPU in STM32

Hello, I would like to ask you as a beginner in STM32 what product (the best case is the product that is possible to buy with Nucleo kit) I should target to for the application I will describe here:I need to use two ADC channels with 1 MHz each and a...

Timer reset using RCC

The problem: if TIM2 is used prior to my code, then it gets stuck at a certain point, even though all the registers are properly set.* Here is the configuration of TIM2 registers when it works fine:(gdb) x/21 $TIM2_BASE0x40000000: 0x00000001 0x000000...

0xfab by Associate II
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usb otg voltage level shifter

hi ,i gone through usb pcb guidelines and other forum discussion but i couldn't catch my doubt .1). Incase of Using USB Virtual Com Port D+ (PA12) & D - (PA11) pin can be directly connect with Computer USB port  without level shifter ??? During the  ...

MMARI1_0-1713601726547.png MMARI1_1-1713602790786.png MMARI1_2-1713603479534.png
MMARI.1 by Senior
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STM32 Muxed FMC reference schematic

Hi,I'm working on a hardware design using the STM32F765VIH and I am trying to connect a MT28EW128ABA1HPC-0SIT NOR Flash and IS66WVH16M8DBLL-100B1LI PSRAM to the FMC in muxed mode. I'm struggling to understand how the muxed connection should be made a...

gosal by Associate III
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Pin to pin compatible option against STM32F779NIH6

Hello,I am currently Using STM32F779NIH6 for one of our application prototypes. Currently the internal RAM size is 512KB and based on our evaluation, for certain peripherals we need a higher RAM size ( Atleast 2X or 3X). Can you suggest any Controlle...

SRoy by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F7 USB CDC Device Descriptor Request failing

I am struggling to get USB CDC working. I am very far down a rabbit hole and I'm completely stuck.I am using HAL libraries for USB_OTG_HS on the STM32F746ZGT6, with a 16MHz HSE.I am running in bus powered mode, VBUS detect disabled, and I have hardwi...

lejanz by Associate II
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