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M7 with 4xRAM ICs over FMC

Hi,We have a question about a system design we would like to implement for our product.We are working with the STMF32F723 MCU and are developing our own HW. We need 216MByte of RAM for our application and would like to implement it with the functiona...

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CObri.1 by Associate II
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Resolved! CHOOSE MCU

Hi.I work on BMS. I want a master-slave topology. I want to use 300 slave cards and 1 master card. This BMS is for automotive. I check ST MCU. I guess, The card should be 10-bit I2C. Because I want 300 Slave cards. So, Can you Help me this subject? W...

bngstskn by Associate II
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Update/re-program STM32F722 Firmware via UART

Hello everyone,I have a project where I use a main baseboard that connects to an STM32F722 microcontroller via a UART interface. My goal is to achieve updating the program running on the STM32F722 without requiring any user intervention. In other wor...

Juanjo97 by Associate II
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Hi,I want to use input capture mode using TIMER2 feature of Stm32f730vbt6 microcontroller. I am receiving a pulse signal from the oscilloscope and I want to remove it via STM using the timer's input capture mode. What should I use in the code for thi...

Leylifer by Associate II
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Resolved! STM32F756 Alternate function

Hi there, i come across AN4760 p55, configuring GPIOB with alternate functions :GPIOB->AFR[0] = 0x0A000900;  where does this 0A000900 come to config PB2 n PB6 to QSPI alternate function?GPIOB->AFR[1] = 0x00000000; ....GPIOF->AFR[0] |= 0x9900000000;  ...

StanJerm by Associate II
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HAL I2C no HAL_TIMEOUT Status when Timeout Reached

After inspecting blocking I2C functions from HAL libraries I found that apparently I2C blocking functions don't return "HAL_TIMEOUT" status if timeout is reached during I2C transfer. The following function does the work of verifying whether timeout w...

Resolved! Schematic of NUCLEO Board missing

Hi, I have bought a NUCLEO-F756ZG board to explore the F7 controller.I need the schematic to work with it. In the manual: is only a note on pag...

Moritz1 by Associate II
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Resolved! Nucleo-144 STM32H755ZI vs STM32F767ZI

Hey there,I am facing a problem with the clocks on the STM32H755ZI. When I let a timer run at 50 kHz I get only smt. like 49.92 kHz out of it with sigma = 13 Hz. So there is at any frequency a steady offset of -1.2% and a sigma deviation of 0.03%. I ...

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lserrnt by Associate II
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