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Resolved! STM32L433 VREFINT_CAL Value

Hello,I'm trying to work with the ADC of the STM32L433 microcontroller. The Reference manual (RM0394) on page 448 it says : The following formula gives the actual VDDA voltage supplying the device:VDDA = 3.0 V x VREFINT_CAL / VREFINT_DATAWhere can I ...

RStra by Associate III
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Resolved! STM32L412K8 Exposed Pad question

Hi!I'm an EE designing a PCB. Referencing the datasheet: 7.4 on page 178, UFQFPN48, the Exposed Pad (EP) says that it should be connected to GND.Section 7.6 on page 184, UFQFPN32 (the ch...

EngPete by Associate
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Hi Community!My goal is to capture an bmp image with the resolution of 640x480. But to check first if the camera is correct connected and works perfectly, I'm trying to take a JPEG image.I've successfully connected my Nucleo-L4A6ZG with an Adafruit d...

nicola3 by Associate II
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Resolved! printf causes terminal to stay just empty.

Hey. I tried to setup `printf` using the following forum post. I am using the `NUCLEO-L4A6ZG`.Here what I've tried so far. I connected the `USART2` to the Pins `PA2` (RX) and `PA3` (TX):(By default LPUART1 was configured and connected to PG7/8, since...

usart2.png putty-settings.png putty.png
stmax by Associate II
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about Execute in place using dual quad spi

What I want to do is XIP with DUAL QUAD SPI.The environment is as follows.Use Board : nucleo l4r5ziIDE : Atollic TrueSTUDIO® for STM32, Built on Eclipse Neon.1a.(Version: 9.3.0)FLASH : W25Q64JVThe connection diagram of the board and FLASH is shown be...

Myasu1_0-1708448593094.png Myasu1_0-1708697574834.png Myasu1_1-1708698042431.png Myasu1_2-1708698571213.png
Myasu.1 by Senior
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EEProm library clean time

I was reading the documentation from: the eeprom lib. Concerning the cleanup time, I don't follow where the number comes from. I am using an L4 and there was only one examp...

dsauter by Associate
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Dear Sir,I use NUCLEO-L476 , Once I connect it to usba new window pop up like with the Caption NODE_L476RG .Erasing the CPU still the window pop up.What should I do to make this board to act as plain PCB  

Jump to System bootloader: does not stay inside

It has been asked several times, however I can not find a working solution for me.With STM32L486RGT6 I achieved to implement jump to bootloader, entering DFU mode successfully. All fine!Doing it similar for STM32L071CZY6TR and STM32F469VE it does not...

Led by Senior
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