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usb otg dual role selection from cube mx

Hello, I am using STM32L4 series controller. I want to use USB OTG in dual mode where I want to run USB device and Host on same application. facing an issue when I select USB_OTG_FS as OTG/Dual_Role_device using cubemx tool then in middleware USB_HOS...

Hardik P by Associate
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Multiple UART implementation

We are using a the Microcontroller for one of our products , we are using two UARTS for communication , however when both the UARTS are enabled we are facing some difficulties in the communication, can anybody help in this ?Attached is the main file ...

Pooshan by Associate
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STM32 NRST line

Hi,We are using STM32L452 for our project.We have problem with pin NRST.We set a 30K pull-up resistor (with pull-down capacitor of 0.1uF).Sometime voltage on the NRST pin is 3.3V and sometimes it is 1.4V.In cases it is 1.4V the MCU is stuck.We think ...

Ofer by Associate III
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Modifying linker to keep all ram after soft reset

Hi, everyone. I am using stm32l496 and I my application requires me to keep all data in ram after reset. Now i followed these instructions in this link. it works, like I expected but the thing is I wa...

HZaib.1 by Associate II
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Making an STM32 last at 150°C?

Are there any guides or tips on making an STM32 MCU last in a high temperature (~150°C) environment? Specific voltage or clock speed tweaks?The MCU would sleep most of the time, but now and then take and store some measurements.Would certain families...

StefanH by Associate II
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