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Portenta H7 Development with STM32CubeIDE

I'm looking for some instructions on how to develop firmware for the Portenta H7 using the Portenta Breakout Board with the STM32CubeIDE. Before ST Microelectronics comes back and says they can't help because the H7 is not their product, that is unac...

rtalan by Associate II
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FTP Server Unaligned Memory failure

STM32H743STM32CubeIDE - Version: 1.14.1 Build: 20064_20240111_1413 (UTC)STM32CubeMX - Version: 6.10.0-RC9 Build: 20231120-2037 (UTC)Software Pack (AzureRTOS) 3.2.0STM32Cube_FW_H7_V1.11.1 OS: Linux LMint 21 I am using the FTP server which works when c...

GreenGuy by Senior III
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U5 Website claim: 16.3 μA/MHz Run mode @ 3.3 V

Under what conditions is the U5 website and datasheet claim "16.3 μA/MHz Run mode @ 3.3 V" reached? I do not see anything as low as that in the datasheet and it is far lower than e.g. the U0 claim "Run mode (LDO mode): 52 μA/MHz". Clarification welco...

Choosing right CPU in STM32

Hello, I would like to ask you as a beginner in STM32 what product (the best case is the product that is possible to buy with Nucleo kit) I should target to for the application I will describe here:I need to use two ADC channels with 1 MHz each and a...

Timer reset using RCC

The problem: if TIM2 is used prior to my code, then it gets stuck at a certain point, even though all the registers are properly set.* Here is the configuration of TIM2 registers when it works fine:(gdb) x/21 $TIM2_BASE0x40000000: 0x00000001 0x000000...

0xfab by Associate II
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Problem whit ADC1 the if (HAL_ADCEx_Calibration_Start(&hadc1, ADC_CALIB_OFFSET, ADC_SINGLE_ENDED) != HAL_OK) return errorwhy??

STM32H503 I3C not working stable

I am working off of the example I3C ENTDAA CMD for the STM32H5 series to initialize a slave device. I am stuck in a wierd phenomenon that once CCC CMD triggered and then after more than 300 mS, the I3C function is dead. The test setting as below, The...

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Bootloader choice

I have a STM32F405RGTG MCU and want to load a bootloader on it. I am using UART and I2C and want to program it via USB-C. How do I chose the right bootloader? Does ST have original bootloaders I can use? Thank you.