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Automatically Register value changing

We are using SPINFamily Evaluation Tool 3.2 with EVLPOWERSTEP01 device for operating the stepper motor. Once we programmed the parameters the stepper motor was running with some speed e.g. 411.37 step/sec but after some time stepper motor step/sec su...

Stm32 mp1 Dev/tty/msg

Hi, I'm reading up on stm mp1, in particular the Linux side, my intent was to use the M4 to read data from sensors and transfer them to the A7 on the Linux side. Now I've read the function in C code that reads the messages from the manual: read:int r...

SDall by Associate II
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ST200-TOOLSET software

Hello everyone,Do any of you still have the ST200 toolset:https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/support/support-home.htmlbest regardsDanielle

DBem.1 by Associate II
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eDisign Studio

Posted on February 22, 2011 at 09:26Hi Everyone, I made a simple design for AC/DC with VIPer28. How i can't see what is the core (type) of transformer. I print the documentation, but this information is not there. Regards #edesignstudio-simulati...

AUTOSAR Solution information required

Hi,I came across this page stating ST ARCCORE AUTOSAR partnership.https://www.st.com/content/st_com/en/about/media-center/press-item.html/t3796.htmlHow can I get more information about the ST's AUTOSAR solution for AUTOMOTIVE.How Can I use this solut...

HAL I2C no HAL_TIMEOUT Status when Timeout Reached

After inspecting blocking I2C functions from HAL libraries I found that apparently I2C blocking functions don't return "HAL_TIMEOUT" status if timeout is reached during I2C transfer. The following function does the work of verifying whether timeout w...

LSM6DSRX for angle measurements

I am currently working on a project that involves angle measurement, and I'm using the LSM6DSRX sensor in conjunction with an STM32 microcontroller. I have encountered some challenges, and I would greatly appreciate your expertise and guidance to hel...

Cannot open UNICO-GUI pkg on MacOS Ventura

When trying to download either Unico-GUI 9.14.6 or 9.13.0 I keep getting the error below.Any idea how to solve that on MacOS Ventura? I have already tried opening the pkg with control+right click, etc. with no success. 

andfer by Associate
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Resolved! Testing of RF input of Teseo-VIC3DA GNSS module

We would like to test if the Teseo-VIC3DA module and its corresponding RF connector have been soldered correctly on the carrier board in production environment. For this it would be easiest to just apply a 1575.42 MHz continuous wave signal (un-modul...