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mbedTLS version 2.28.2.v2 upgrade on secure boot

I would like to use the mbedTLS version 2.28.2.v2 on the secure boot for stm32h743ii controller. I have downloaded SBSFU v2.6.2 and Built the secure boot binary on top of the example project from H753 2_images_OSC folder. Secure boot is running the t...

mr.1 by Associate II
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Hard fault after enable MPU protection

Porting SBSFU 2.6.2 to STM32G0B1CEU6 (512K FLASH and 144K RAM) based on Nucleo-G071RB example.See the history of my previous Solved: SBSFU 2.6.2 firmware swapping issue - STMicroelectronics CommunityAfter I solved the firmware swapping issue, I went ...

hw310404 by Associate II
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TF-M SBSFU STM32B-U585-IOT2A External Flash Usage

Hi @ChannelIm using  the TF-M Application package for the STM32U585 development board from ST. My query is as per the memory map of the Internal Flash has a combined storage of 826kb for secure and non secure image.(Please refer to the figure below)....

PJose.4 by Associate III
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Resolved! SBSFU | 1 Image Download and Decryption

Hello all.Another question regarding SBSFU, this time 1 image version.When we download new image via YMODEM, when does decryption process happen?1. Is new image first downloaded into active image slot and then decrypted?2. Is new image downloaded and...

Resolved! H7 SBSFU DTCM usage

Hi All,Does the SBSFU reserve all of the DTCM in an H7 (stored state information, etc., expected to be stable across Core resets) such that the application shouldn't touch any of it after beginning execution?  The "Protected RAM ..." note in AN5056 F...