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Human body detection with ToF sensor(VL53L4CX)

Hi, I'm new to the community and I hope someone could help me with the following. I was wondering is there any way to distinguish between a human body and a static object, like a piece of paper when detecting obstacles with ToF sensors(e.g. VL53L4CX,...

Gabor23 by Associate II
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Disabling VL53L5CX Autocalibration?

Hi there!​I was wondering, for a school project, if it is possible to disable te autocalibration on the VL53L5CX and if it would be possible to manually calibrate it?​Thanks!

TVos.1 by Associate
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How to decode serial data from VL53L8CH?

Hello,I am trying to get histograms off of the VL53L8CH sensor. I have the sensor hooked up to an F401 and I'm using the official driver from here: I start ranging with the sensor through ...

VL53L7CX_ResultsData interleaving & format

The ULD driver VL53L7CX_ResultsData object type contains range data from the VL53L7CX.  Each member that holds data for multiple zones and targets is organized in an array.Items signal_per_spad, range_sigma_mm, distance_mm, reflectance & target_statu...

VL53L7CX - Can it detect glass walls?

Hello,I was unsure if the VL53L7CX would be able to detect glass walls. Often ToF sensors are unable to as light passes through the glass, but was curious that the non-zero reflectance of glass (usually <10% but still nonzero) allows VL53L7CX to dete...

VL53L3 integration time

I want to know whether the calculation of integration time using kcps and signal peak count is correct or not Signal = 3.83 kcps/spad (3.83*1000*211(SPAD ea ))/2099  =385    =>  1/385 = 2.6 ms Ambient & signal kcps, is the integration time the same?...

WJLO by Associate II
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IR080C0-IC09-A066-2 cover window for VL53L1X

I am using cover glass window IR080C0-IC09-A066-2. I want the design to be IP69. Where I can get the information that the cover glass can withstand If it is subjected to high water pressure (10000 kPa) and high temperature(80*C)?

Ali_SE by Associate
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